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Pink and Rick Don’t Care About America. Or Freedom.

It’s that time of year again.  Where patriotic humans set money on fire and watch it explode.  Also, known as the 4th of July.  It’s a beautiful thing.

This was Pink and Rick’s first big firework year, and I expected to have a good story to tell you.  Like, they ran around with sparklers in their mouth and smoke bombs tied to their tails.  Unfortunately, I got nothing.  Not even a smoky puppy.

Pink and Rick didn’t care about the fireworks at all.  They were too busy trying to dominate the food table.


Food to the front. Fireworks to the back.

Nobody else noticed the dogs lack of enthusiasm, because we went to my parent’s house for the 4th of July.  My brother is KING of fireworks.  So, he took over the hijinks from Pink and Rick.

My brother likes to make his own fireworks.  He’s a Mechanical Engineer, and he talks about going to mining school someday– to be a professional blow up stuff person.  His specialty is wrapping up explosives in tin foil and duct tape.  This year, he filled a Walmart bag with explosives and threw it off the deck.  I don’t have a picture, but there is a video of his homemade smoke bomb below.  You’re welcome.

Also, this year my brother made a remote ignition for his firework display.  And, he made a massive board full of artillery shell tube loader things.

Remote starter for firework display. Kind of looks like the Jetson’s lunch box.

Artillery Shell Tubes.  Or a ring toss for pyromaniacs.

Artillery Shell Tubes. Or ring toss for pyromaniacs.

Here’s the video with the homemade smoke bomb.  But, that’s not the best part.  Check out the monster artillery shell explosion at the end–not just once but three separate times.

I hope you had a great fourth!  Here’s to hoping Pink and Rick are more patriotic next year.  Do any of your family members or friends really get into fireworks?

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My Dog Dances Like This Cowboy

This post was about a dancing cowboy video I shot during karaoke night.

Then, it was going to be about my dog’s booty bounce.

Then, I realized they both know how to get their grove/booty pop/wobble on.  I think they’ve been practicing together.

Check out this video.  I call it Ice Ice Ricky.

Happy Hump Day!  Literally.  Now let’s go dance!


Remember This Freshman Year of College Ritual?

You may have noticed something… I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately.  Which is crazy, because I love this place.

I wasn’t going to say anything, because I read a blog post once about big mistakes people make, and one is telling your readers you are too busy to write.  And, I couldn’t say that anyway, because it’s a lie.  I wasn’t too busy.

After, hundreds, no thousands, of my loyal readers wrote to me and asked me why I wasn’t writing (okay, okay, like one person mentioned it over lunch).  I just wanted to let you in on the big secret.

I’m creatively drained. I feel like this picture of Pink.

photo (4)

I’m work at a college, and I’ve been designing, shooting, and editing their New Student Orientation program.  Remember that thing you went to freshman year of college?  You were so nervous you spent weeks picking out an outfit then put a gray hoodie over it?  Then, for the next four years your student id outfit was you in a gray hoodie?

Well, my college’s orientation program is headed to the internets.  No more grey hoodies.  Here’s two of segments I designed.  I loved every minute of the process, but I’m exhausted.  Hope you like them.  Most of all, I hope you’re ready for me and Pink and Rick and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny to be back in full force.  Which will be hopefully next week!

Check out the crazy video cube in this one!

Watch for the awesome white board action!

I still have some small revisions to make, but this will give you a good idea of where I’ve been the past month.

Have you been swamped by any projects lately?


Pink and Rick Fetch-ish

Here’s an awesome video of two husky puppies.  They have come up with a brand new way to play fetch.  It’s a combo of dog gladiators and puppy wrestling  Hopefully, this will be a fun way to start your week!

This project took me waaaaaay longer than I expected.  But, I finally did it.  Whew!

I’m working on how to make iPhone video look good. So, you’ll have to overlook the quality!  But, I did figure out how to make an intro.  I made it in Flash.  It’s pretty elementary, but Pink and Rick said it would work for now.

Next, maybe I can make them a theme song.   Because all dogs need a theme song, right?  Any ideas on a song that would be good?  I’m thinking something that includes destruction.