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It’s Just Like Rollerskating for the First Time

The next thing on my bucket list for this year is, “sew something I can wear outside.”

My sewing adventure started out a a little awkward.  I went to a fabric store.  I found a pattern labeled, “easy.”  The picture showed a plain dress with sleeves and a zipper.  I went to have my fabric cut and the worker lady asked, “how much do you need?”

I said, “I don’t know, this is my first human project.”

She said, “human project?”

I said, “the only other thing I’ve sewn is dog hoodies.”

She said, “dog hoodies?”

I said, “Yeah hoodies for my dogs.  They don’t wear them much because the XXL size was a little small.  They look like sausages.  Or hot dogs.”

She said, “You should get two yards.  Just in case.”

I brought the fabric home and fought my way through the instructions.  I couldn’t get my sewing machine to sew straight.  I kept getting crazy stitches!  See that picture in the middle?  My whole dress was covered in the crooked mess.  You remember the first time you tried to roller skate?  It felt exactly like that–everything was sliding all over the place!  And, there was a needle in the middle of the rink instead of the owner’s kid showing off.

After about an hour of googling.  I figured it out.  I needed to put the foot down on my sewing machine.  It holds the fabric down.  Duh.  I’m such a rookie.  Anyway, after that, I got some straight(er) lines.   See the difference?

sewing collage








Even the foot couldn’t help me figure out how to put sleeves or a zipper on my dress.  So I just sewed the front and the back together, slapped a belt and jacket on, and wore it to work.  I didn’t get any compliments on it.  Some people just don’t know what fine craftsmanship looks like.  But, I took a photo shoot with the dogs in the field– for proof anyway.

dress collage








If it wasn’t so hot outside, I would have put Pink and Rick in their dog hoodies for the photo shoot.

Take that bucket list.

Anybody completed a goal lately?  This is about six months longer than I’ve ever stuck with New Year’s Resolutions.


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A Side Effect of Dog Blogging. Beware.

There is a side effect of blogging about your dogs.  I thought it would be carpel tunnel that smells like dog breath, but turns out it’s…projects!

My coworker asked me to make an invitation to her son’s birthday bash.  Here’s the final product.  What do you think?  Any suggestions?

Henry's Invite for blog 2.













Her son is obsessed with forklifts, so I squeezed it in.  Isn’t he the coolest kid ever?  I wish Pink and Rick would get obsessed with construction machines.  They would be way more interesting to talk to.

Also, my dog blogging skills have landed me a pretty cool web design gig.  I’m setting up a website for my friend’s online boutique.  The store is only on Facebook right now.  Here’s the link.  In a couple weeks their site will be up and running.  Hopefully.   The clothes are so cute, and the mom and daughter who run it are AMAZING people.

I have NO qualifications for designing invites or websites, but I have a theory about life.  It’s say yes.

My theory happened by accident.  I was a freshman in college.  I just moved into the dorm and didn’t know anyone.  My roommate–who I just met–asked me to have dinner with her parents and a friend.  I said no, because I didn’t want to feel awkward.  Big mistake.  I ended up alone, in a tiny room with walls made out of cinder blocks.  I told myself I would say yes from then on.  It isn’t the best philosophy, because it gets me into trouble.  But, I learn a bunch of stuff…eventually.  And, I usually have a great time–unless I get carpel tunnel from googling for answers to my problems!  Everything comes back to carpel tunnel.

So, you should say yes to something new.   Today.  You don’t have to be qualified.  Let me know how it goes!

psst… if you like this post, please follow my blog.  Just type your email address in the box in the right hand column.  Then, you will get an email when I post something new/crazy.  It would mean a lot to Pink and Rick.  They are always bragging to other dogs about how many followers they have.

Blogging for a Year: Was it Successful?

Happy one year anniversary to PinkandRick. com!

The blog has changed a lot from the beginning.  I started it as a way to complain about my dogs.  Check out my first post here.

It’s kind of morphed into a goals and finances and house blog, but it will always be a crazy dog blog.

I really didn’t start this blog because of my crazy dogs.  I started it because I love to write.  I love to write like Pink and Rick love to eat poison.  I love to write like this cowboy loves to dance.

Everyone has something they love to do.  It’s a quiet calling in each of our hearts/souls/gooey places.  However, sometimes the goal feels too big.  Sometimes our callings are too scary, so we ignore them.  Truth is, the only way I could even begin to get past my fear of public writing is to write about something else.  By writing about my dogs, I was able to take the pressure off myself.  That way, if my blog sucked, I could blame it on my crazy dogs, not that I just wasn’t good enough.

But here’s what I think: there is no success and there is no failure.  Everyone defines it differently.  So, today I’m declaring as a success.  I got 190 views in one day with this post, which means more people than my mom read this blog.  Or, my mom just clicked on it a lot that day.  Either way, success.

You deserve success in your life, too.  Declare it.  Are you great at your job?  Do you have a wonderful relationship?  Do you have great kid(s)?  Did you make someone smile today?  Then you’re a success.

We’ve all made it.  So today, celebrate.  You deserve to feel successful.

Pink and Rick feel successful every day.  Here’s proof.

photo food search


Remember This Freshman Year of College Ritual?

You may have noticed something… I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately.  Which is crazy, because I love this place.

I wasn’t going to say anything, because I read a blog post once about big mistakes people make, and one is telling your readers you are too busy to write.  And, I couldn’t say that anyway, because it’s a lie.  I wasn’t too busy.

After, hundreds, no thousands, of my loyal readers wrote to me and asked me why I wasn’t writing (okay, okay, like one person mentioned it over lunch).  I just wanted to let you in on the big secret.

I’m creatively drained. I feel like this picture of Pink.

photo (4)

I’m work at a college, and I’ve been designing, shooting, and editing their New Student Orientation program.  Remember that thing you went to freshman year of college?  You were so nervous you spent weeks picking out an outfit then put a gray hoodie over it?  Then, for the next four years your student id outfit was you in a gray hoodie?

Well, my college’s orientation program is headed to the internets.  No more grey hoodies.  Here’s two of segments I designed.  I loved every minute of the process, but I’m exhausted.  Hope you like them.  Most of all, I hope you’re ready for me and Pink and Rick and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny to be back in full force.  Which will be hopefully next week!

Check out the crazy video cube in this one!

Watch for the awesome white board action!

I still have some small revisions to make, but this will give you a good idea of where I’ve been the past month.

Have you been swamped by any projects lately?


Go Fake: Stained Glass Art

Check out my faux stained glass art.  It’s like stained glass.  Without the glass.  All the shine.  None of the risk.  Yep, I made fake glass safe.

I had the BEST time making this.  It was so much fun. But, I still can’t decide if I like it.  So, I need you to check it out.  Please?

It has INCREDIBLE texture.  I’m a texture freak.  When I go shopping, I touch everything.  It’s why I never get sick, because I can’t stop pawing everything.
Here’s how I made it.

I got a canvas.  Painted it brown.  Then put tape on it in geometrical shapes… with a monogram in the middle.
Then I spread wall puddy all over the canvas.
I pulled up the tape while the puddy was wet.  This was the best part.  So fun.  So messy.  So awesome.

Then I sanded off the rough chunks.  I used my car…as a table.  Sorry, Dad!

Then I painted, varnished, and put some polyurethane on top.  Presto!  It is done.  It has layers.  and textures and awesomeness.

However, I still think there is something not quite right about it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have painted the canvas a dark color at the beginning?  So it wouldn’t have contrasted so much with the light colors?  I don’t know.

But, I love touching it.

So next time you come over, touch my stained glass.  It’s fake.

What do ya thinks?  Be honest, just not too honest.  p.s. you can check out a few other of my strange touchable projects here.

Go DIY! Silver Chevron Rocker

Want a fun and easy DIY project… that includes silver and chevron?!?

Rock and Roll!  I’ve got it here!

I picked up this chair at a estate sale about a year ago.  I haven’t done anything with it… until now.  I don’t have a before picture, but just imagine a nasty old rocker.

First, I attacked it with a a can of silver spray paint.  It transformed!  Then, I made the chevron cushion.  Yep.  Those seams are sewn together…using a sewing machine.  I’m officially crafty.  But, you don’t get to see an up close picture.  Because the chevron starts swerving.

Next, I painted some of the scroll work yellow because it was missing something.  But the yellow looked too severe.

So, I added a layer of metallic silver paint over the yellow to tone it down.  Then, I put an F monogram in the middle.

Ta Da! It’s a one-of-a-kind personalized rocker.  Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny summed it
up.  He said, “nice f-in chair!”  I’m taking that as a compliment.

Stay classy thanksgiving-ers.  I got to go rock and roll.  Or, rick and roll?

Cutie Pie Chevron Nightstand

I’ve been trying to show you my new kitchen; but, alas, the last part is STILL not here.  Which kills me.  Immediately after I start a renovation I obsess about it being over.  So the fact that we’re still waiting on this part– that was supposed to be here a week ago– is going to make me throw myself on the ground.  Like Pink when we muzzled him. 

To take my mind off the wait, I made a chevron nighstand for my guest room!

Here’s what the nightstand looked like originally.

I spray painted it white, drew a grid, taped, and painted. 

Then I pulled the tape off.  Here’s a better shot of the grid I mentioned. 

Then I repeated the process on the front drawer.

Next–the worst step.  I touched up all the paint by hand.  Some of the paint was pulled off by the tape.  Also, I had to repaint where I drew the grid lines, because I couldn’t erase them completely.

Finally, I spray painted a clearcoat over everything….and I was done! 

Here it is!

It’s not perfect– at all– but if you don’t get too close, it looks pretty good! Also, it wasn’t expensive.  We already had the nighstand and tape so all I bought was the paint. 
Guess what?!?!?!?! the appliance store… just called… (Do they read my blog?  haha.).  Hopefully I can show you the kitchen soon.

Stuff Armageddon!!!

I’m switching jobs.  Here’s a picture from my last day at the TV station I worked for.  I wanted my final day picture to be at the my desk– where all the magic happens–with my amazing producer friends.  I’m on the right!  I’m really going to miss everyone I worked with.  We had a great time!

But, I’m really excited about my next job, I’m working at a local community college.  I don’t know much about it yet, because I don’t start until September 4th. 

Which means.  I’m off for three weeks.  This is the longest vacation I’ve gotten in years!  And probably the last one I’ll get foooorrrreeeevvvvveeerrrrrr. 

So what have I been up to? Besides putting muzzles on Pink and Rick? Stuff Armageddon!

Making stuff…from an idea in my head.  Yes, I realize this looks like prison artwork– but it’s not done yet! 

Cleaning and organizing stuff throughout our whole house!  I think we’re hoarders. TLC, wanna do a show?

Finding these two thumb wrestlers–in the stuff.

Deciding to keep the thumb wrestlers–from the trash stuff.

Annnnddddd….new stuff!  We’re putting new counter tops and a tile backsplash in our Kitchen!  Our DIY Renovation isn’t done yet.  So I’ll just show you the sign I used to welcome our parents to the festivities/trick them into working!

Wait, you came here for cute dog pics?  Well, I’ve got some of those too!!!

Rick says, “feed me!!! Just drop that treat in my mouth.  I won’t even chew it!”

Pinky smiles.

Waiting for some more food (they think my phone is a treat)

Here’s some more outtakes from Moger Family Float Trip.  Rick–getting in the middle of a serious talk between my parents. 

Two worn out pups.  They played until they fell over…in front of the door. 

I can’t wait to show you the kitchen!!!! Tentatively, Wednesday.  I’ll try and keep my deadline, just for you Courtney Dixon!!!