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My Dog Thinks He’s a Supermodel

Rick thinks he’s a supermodel.  I can prove it.

1.  He demands VIP Service getting into the truck.













2.  He loves posing with his nose in the air.














3.  And. Here. Is. The. Proof.  Check out this pouty look as he makes the wind move through his ears.

model pic













4.  But, it gets worse.  In his mind he was totally pretending to take a Glamour Shot like this.

model pic extras













Should I take him to the vet for visions of grandeur?

p.s. I’m kind of embarrassed I have a college degree, and I’m drawing on my dog’s face.  Let’s forget that for now…okay?


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Cheap Summer Vacation We All Should Take

Pink and Rick got their first invitation to the lake.  We got invited, too, which is good because the dogs can’t drive themselves…yet.  We went to visit one of my bestest/oldest friends, Sarah, her husband, and her parents.

The dogs made a new bestie beastie, this Black Lab, Hamilton.

















They were full of obnoxiousness spirit as usual.

Pink immediately jumped in the fountain/gold fish pond.  Probably starting mass goldfish hysteria.

Rick was a bully on the doggy ladder.  He plopped down, with a cigar in his mouth, and wouldn’t budge.

















Then, Rick ate a starter log.  And passed out.

















Everyone drank a little beer–given to them by a man called Bill-dozer.





















Then we had to leave.  It was sad, because the lake is so magical.

Our lake weekend made me think of summer vacations.  Remember that feeling you used to get on the last day of school?  That feeling of freedom?  The last day of school was like jumping on a giant cloud of chocolate pudding–with rubber pants on, of course.  I’ve got to keep it hygienic.  You can insert your own delicious/rubbery analogy here.

So I’ve been trying to asking myself, “what can I take a vacation from this summer?”

Work?  Nope.

Dogs?  They will probably eat me.

Blogging?  I like it too much.

Buying our first foreclosure?  Not after we’ve waited for two months.  And still haven’t closed.

Computer programming class?  Not sure why I took it…

Cooking?  I don’t do it anyway.

Brushing my teeth?  Possibly…  Just kidding!

I haven’t figured it out yet, but I’m going to try and find something to take a break from this summer.  Any ideas?  Maybe, if we all look really hard we can find pockets of time to be like Rick and just plop down somewhere and refuse to move.








How To Bathe Lions

Hey O!  We are taking the dogs on a trip this weekend.  They are staying in our friends parent’s garage.  They smelled so bad, I was embarrassed for them to sleep in their garage.  You know it’s bad when you smell worse than a tractor.  So check out how we cut the stench.


Step 1.  Lure them in with orange popsicles

pink tub












2.  Give them a stern talk about staying in the tub.










3.  Let them howl about the torture.  The humanity!












4.  Soap and rinse










5.  Tell a funny joke, like, “Rick, you’re so big, your mom must be a lion!”












6.  Help them find their lost popsicle.










7.  Dry off.  If possible, coordinate the towel color with your lion’s name.












Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you bathe anything interesting!

psst… if you like this post, please follow my blog.  Just type your email address in the box in the right hand column.  Then, you will get an email when I post something new/crazy.  It would mean a lot to Pink and Rick.  They are always bragging to other dogs about how many followers they have.


My Dog Dances Like This Cowboy

This post was about a dancing cowboy video I shot during karaoke night.

Then, it was going to be about my dog’s booty bounce.

Then, I realized they both know how to get their grove/booty pop/wobble on.  I think they’ve been practicing together.

Check out this video.  I call it Ice Ice Ricky.

Happy Hump Day!  Literally.  Now let’s go dance!


New Cousin or a New Snack?

I want to welcome a new family member. Our new nephew dog and Pink and Rick’s cousin.  Introducing… Gus!

Here we are together.  I chose this one because I like my hair... just don't look at my crazy eyes!

Here we are together.  We’re in love.  I chose this one because I like my hair… but maybe I should have put on makeup.

Gus is a Vizsla Puppy.  Eventually, he will be a bird dog, but right now he just spends his days looking like an old man and eating sticks.

photo (7)

Doesn’t he look like he’s a grumpy old man who wants a cigar?

photo (11)

Pink and Rick met Gus for the first time over Easter Weekend.  We weren’t sure how it would go, because… I didn’t want Gus to get eaten.

You see, Rick is still a little chunky.  Every time we take him anywhere people say, “Whoa, Rick.”  And he pretty much eats everything.  So, I got a little scared he would look at Gus and see a copper colored chew toy.

Luckily, all they did was sniff each other. But, I think Rick licked his lips.

photo (5)

Everyone’s reaction made us think, “how much does Rick weigh?”  Well, we placed bets and whoever was closest… would have their odds forever in Rick’s favor (Hunger Games, anyone?  Let’s just hope Rick never goes to the Hunger Games.  I don’t think he’d last past the cornucopia).

photo (12)

My brother had to do the heavy lifting. I’m not sure if he’s smiling or grimacing.

Take a guess, how much do you think Rick weighs?

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and guessed 98 pounds.

photo (9)

Victory Pic!

Drum roll… he weighs in at 107.  My sister Beth guessed it exactly!  She’s a dog weight whisperer.

Rick’s climb into triple digits means he has to go on a diet– even though he didn’t eat Gus.  He probably thought Gus would be too much work for too little meat.  I get like that with crab.

Did you weigh any of your pets/family members this Easter?!?


Pink and Rick Fetch-ish

Here’s an awesome video of two husky puppies.  They have come up with a brand new way to play fetch.  It’s a combo of dog gladiators and puppy wrestling  Hopefully, this will be a fun way to start your week!

This project took me waaaaaay longer than I expected.  But, I finally did it.  Whew!

I’m working on how to make iPhone video look good. So, you’ll have to overlook the quality!  But, I did figure out how to make an intro.  I made it in Flash.  It’s pretty elementary, but Pink and Rick said it would work for now.

Next, maybe I can make them a theme song.   Because all dogs need a theme song, right?  Any ideas on a song that would be good?  I’m thinking something that includes destruction.

Is Rick Too Fat?

Rick is on a diet.  Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny thinks he has too much junk in his doggie trunk.  In other words, he is carrying around a giant doggie bag full of kibble..around his waist.  In other words, he has a lot of fries with his doggie shake.
I usually defend Rick, because, who am I to talk?!?  I’ve gained weight.  I can’t judge.
Well, that’s until my best friend Megan came to visit.  Her first words?  “Woah, Rick!!!”
I said, “He’s not that big.”
She said, “He has a tail roll!!!”
Then, I laughed really hard and took a picture.  You’re welcome.
We started cutting back on his food a couple weeks ago.  It went well.  Until, this weekend, we accidentally left a bag of food on top of the dog house.  We went inside for just a few minutes.  Somehow, Rick emptied the entire bag of food on the ground.  He knew what he was doing, because he made a trail.  He knew the food would be harder to pick up.
He was right.  We didn’t pick it up.  He just ate it all.  Bad dog parenting?  Well, don’t judge til you’ve walked in our (lazy) shoes.
Here’s a picture of Megan and the pups.  Rick’s eyes are squinty because he’s full of dog food.  (FYI Megan has an awesome blog.  Check it out here)

We’re cutting back on his food again.  It’ll be weeks before he’s over his gluttonous feast.

Here’s a picture of his rump.  Do you think Rick is too fat?  Or, do you… “like big butts and you can not lie?  You other dogs can’t deny, when a Rick walks in with a real big waist and a round thing in your face, he gets FED.”  I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself.


Paying off Mortgage Progress + Nasty Rick

We’ve got a big goal.  We’re trying to pay off our house.  Here’s how our first month went:

Our goal is to use my salary to pay off our mortgage early.  Fortunately, I got paid three times in October.  Unfortunately, I have a confession.  We spent one of my paychecks on an impulse buy and half of the second paycheck disappeared somewhere.  I’m disclosing this because I don’t want you to think we’re amazing with money.  We’re not.  We just have a crazy goal.

What was the impulse buy? In fifteen minutes, we bought a new mattress without shopping around (we did ask for discounts and got $150 off!).  I don’t regret the quick purchase.   Because we were about to kill each other.  Our mattress was tiny and old.  We weren’t sleeping well. That makes me a terrible employee, grumpy wife, and insane Kelsie.

So, we only managed to put 1.5 of my paychecks towards the house.  We got a 50% this month.  That’s an F.  But a very high F.  Like the best F ever.  Anyway, it’s an F for First month at a new goal. Or an F for Finances.  Or an F for Finally bought a new mattress, now we’re not going to kill each other for a while.

Ready for the numbers?
If my math is correct— that’s a big if— we paid off 1.7 percent of our house this month.  I’ll take it.  That means…we only have… ONE BAZILLION more months to go.

Here’s a drawing illustrate our progress:

Don’t worry, I didn’t pay anyone to make this drawing.  It’s home made if you can’t tell. 

Also.  My brother-in-law said I need to write more about the dogs, or, I have to change the blog title.  So he’s forcing me to tell this story.  I took the dogs out tonight to play fetch in the field across from our house.

It went well.  Until I threw the ball in horse poop.  Can I say poop?  Horse bathroom business?  But horses don’t use the bathroom.  They use the field.  I guess it’s just poop.

Anyway.  Rick started eating the poop.  He wouldn’t stop.  How can that taste good?  Horses only eat hay.

The pile is by his face.  He’s nasty.

So I threw another ball away from the pile.  We played for a couple minutes.

THEN I REALIZED THERE WAS POOP ALL OVER MY HAND BECAUSE RICK’S MOUTH WAS STILL FULL OF POOP. So we were done.  I washed my hands before writing this… so you shouldn’t be infected by any horse germs by reading this.  You’re welcome.

Who Pink and Rick Picked for President

You’ve seen the coverage, checked the polls, and watched the you’re-going-to-die-unless-you-vote-for-me commercials.  But, you don’t have all the information!  We have vital, last minute, breaking news: who Pink and Rick want for President!  We did a very scientific poll.  Very Scientific.

We put a Obama Sign and a Romney Sign on the dog kennels…then released the hounds.
Rick chose:
Rick likes liberal amounts of food.  
But Pink picked:
Pink likes conservative amounts of  training.
Good news:  One of them picked the next president.  I will be able to brag about my crazy, yet psychic dog.
Bad news:  One of them lost.  He will be subject to teasing for the next four years.
I’m proud that my dogs are bipartisan.  It’s more than I can say for most people in congress.  Sorry, Rick told me to say that.

tRick or Treat! Cheapest Pet Costumes Ever.

Happy Halloween!  This year, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since We were Tiny and I dressed up as Honey Boo Boo and the Tooth Fairy.

Yes, my shirt says “You better Redneckognize.”  Yes, I made it myself.  No, it’s not my best work.

We got engaged three years ago on Halloween .. it only took me three years to see him in a skirt!  I’m a proud lady.

Here’s a close up of our tutus.  Check out my pageant socks.

Side note:  while we were dressing up, Pink and Rick were playing tRicks.  They had a Let’s Eat Insulation Party!

Nothing says full bellies like fiberglass
Back to the story:  my Honey Boo Boo T-Shirt made me think.  What else can I do with t-shirts and paint?  Besides a 90’s sweatsuit decorated with a puff paint snowman… Remember those?!
 I didn’t think Pink or Rick could fit in a sweatshirt so… Instead, I made the cheapest dog Halloween costumes in HISTORY.  Meet Super Pink and Super Rick.
We’ll slobber on your face until you cry…Ricky.  

The shirts made them think they had super powers.  They attacked each other.  While I took pictures.

I’m going to eat that t-shirt off of you!  Tastes like bacon. 

Then the eventually settled down and modeled like men.

How much longer do we have to wear these?  Our heads barely fit in the holes.  
What are you up to for Halloween?   I’d love to see your costumes/activities.  Maybe you could post a link in the comments?