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New Cousin or a New Snack?

I want to welcome a new family member. Our new nephew dog and Pink and Rick’s cousin.  Introducing… Gus!

Here we are together.  I chose this one because I like my hair... just don't look at my crazy eyes!

Here we are together.  We’re in love.  I chose this one because I like my hair… but maybe I should have put on makeup.

Gus is a Vizsla Puppy.  Eventually, he will be a bird dog, but right now he just spends his days looking like an old man and eating sticks.

photo (7)

Doesn’t he look like he’s a grumpy old man who wants a cigar?

photo (11)

Pink and Rick met Gus for the first time over Easter Weekend.  We weren’t sure how it would go, because… I didn’t want Gus to get eaten.

You see, Rick is still a little chunky.  Every time we take him anywhere people say, “Whoa, Rick.”  And he pretty much eats everything.  So, I got a little scared he would look at Gus and see a copper colored chew toy.

Luckily, all they did was sniff each other. But, I think Rick licked his lips.

photo (5)

Everyone’s reaction made us think, “how much does Rick weigh?”  Well, we placed bets and whoever was closest… would have their odds forever in Rick’s favor (Hunger Games, anyone?  Let’s just hope Rick never goes to the Hunger Games.  I don’t think he’d last past the cornucopia).

photo (12)

My brother had to do the heavy lifting. I’m not sure if he’s smiling or grimacing.

Take a guess, how much do you think Rick weighs?

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and guessed 98 pounds.

photo (9)

Victory Pic!

Drum roll… he weighs in at 107.  My sister Beth guessed it exactly!  She’s a dog weight whisperer.

Rick’s climb into triple digits means he has to go on a diet– even though he didn’t eat Gus.  He probably thought Gus would be too much work for too little meat.  I get like that with crab.

Did you weigh any of your pets/family members this Easter?!?


Low Carb Diet Results and A Giant Swan


I went to my sister’s house this weekend.  We had a jam packed family extravaganza, including an awesome dress up party…


Doesn’t my sis look like Kate Middleton?


My dad and bro-in-law hat bonding

We also met some GIANT, TERRIFYING swans.


I’m pretending to be a swan so he doesn’t destroy me

And… the milk exploded in my sisters fridge.  So, we helped clean it up.

A wild milk cleaning party!

A wild milk cleaning party!

It was lots of fun.  But, I fell off the wagon with my low-carb diet plan.  Let me back up and tell you how it’s been going.



I did great for the first two weeks using the South Beach Diet.  Unfortunately, I fell off the low-carb wagon this weekend.  That giant swan made me do it. I ate a bunch of carbs.  I’m not going to tell you how much, because it’s embarrassing.  But, now I’m getting back on the wagon.  Well, I’m at least holding on to a wheel.

The South Beach Diet is split into three phases.  Phase 1 is only lean protein and veggies.  It lasts for two weeks.  I was very strict with Phase 1.  I followed it completely (except for one night at a party, but I’m not going to think about that!).  During Phase 1, I lost eight pounds!  It was awesome. I also learned a ton.  I learned protein is a rock star!  It kept me full all day.

Phase 1, helped me jump start my weight loss, but it wasn’t fun.  It made me a crazy person. I dreamed of carbs.  I could taste ice cream   I couldn’t go to the grocery store without getting depressed.  Also, I didn’t have as much energy as I usually do.  But, I didn’t get hungry, so I guess that’s the trade off.

Now, I’m on Phase 2-ish.  I’ve cut down on carbs significantly, but I haven’t been perfect, either.  I’ve gained a pound because of my bad behavior last weekend. So, I’m officially at seven pounds down.  I have a long way to go, but overall I give the South Beach Diet a couple thumbs up.  It’s not fun, but it works and you don’t feel hungry.  I’m thinking about going back to Phase 1 to get the rest of my “I can eat like my husband” weight off.

How are your diet plans going?!  I’d love to hear some tips.  And, have you ever seen a giant swan like that before?!?

Is Rick Too Fat?

Rick is on a diet.  Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny thinks he has too much junk in his doggie trunk.  In other words, he is carrying around a giant doggie bag full of kibble..around his waist.  In other words, he has a lot of fries with his doggie shake.
I usually defend Rick, because, who am I to talk?!?  I’ve gained weight.  I can’t judge.
Well, that’s until my best friend Megan came to visit.  Her first words?  “Woah, Rick!!!”
I said, “He’s not that big.”
She said, “He has a tail roll!!!”
Then, I laughed really hard and took a picture.  You’re welcome.
We started cutting back on his food a couple weeks ago.  It went well.  Until, this weekend, we accidentally left a bag of food on top of the dog house.  We went inside for just a few minutes.  Somehow, Rick emptied the entire bag of food on the ground.  He knew what he was doing, because he made a trail.  He knew the food would be harder to pick up.
He was right.  We didn’t pick it up.  He just ate it all.  Bad dog parenting?  Well, don’t judge til you’ve walked in our (lazy) shoes.
Here’s a picture of Megan and the pups.  Rick’s eyes are squinty because he’s full of dog food.  (FYI Megan has an awesome blog.  Check it out here)

We’re cutting back on his food again.  It’ll be weeks before he’s over his gluttonous feast.

Here’s a picture of his rump.  Do you think Rick is too fat?  Or, do you… “like big butts and you can not lie?  You other dogs can’t deny, when a Rick walks in with a real big waist and a round thing in your face, he gets FED.”  I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself.


How No Sugar September Got Nasty

Remember No Sugar September?

Good news? Now it’s over.

More good news, we sorta completed it.

Bad news.  I cheated some.  Once, with an amazing muffin basket (yep, I cheated with an entire basket.  Super gorge city) And twice, a waiter slipped me sweet tea by mistake.  I drank it anyway.  I couldn’t stop.

More bad news, I didn’t lose any weight.  Sad.  But, it wasn’t completely about weight loss.  It was about getting control over my eating habits.  I wanted to lose weight, but it’s enough to finish-ish our goal.

Worst news.  My last big cheat.  Saturday night I dreamt that my sister was having a slumber party (weird, yeah).  She left to get all of her friends cartons of ice cream, but she didn’t bring any back for me.  So I picked up the empty, dripping boxes and threw them at her.  Sorry Beth!  Because my cravings were making me violent I decided eat ice cream on September, 29th.

What did I pick for my first treat back on sugar express?  A Sonic M&M Blast.  Here’s a picture.

 I used to be able to throw these suckers back.  And I threw this one back… for about an hour.

Then I threw up.  It looked like a chocolate milk shake… tmi?

I don’t know what happened.  Sugar was my best friend!  Not this time.  I felt sick and dizzy and gross.

Lesson:  I don’t have the tolerance I used to have.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Overall, except for what happened on Sunday, I’m happy I did the challenge.  And, I’m going to try and continue my good-ish habits!

Have you tried any big challenges lately?  Remember, it only takes 21 days to make a new habit!

No Sugar September: Dying to Eat (gummy) Bears and Worms

We are exactly eight days into September.  Usually, I don’t keep up with dates, but lately when people ask me what day it is, I want to scream, “It’s the eighth!  It’s ONLY THE EIGHTH!!!”

My “date rage” is because of a STUPID CHALLENGE Jared and I are doing called No Sugar September.  We’re torturing ourselves by cutting out all sugary foods from our diets. 

I’m completely addicted to sugar.  I live on sugar.  Technically, sugar and dairy.  I eat ice cream at least once a day.  I drink sugary coffee almost every day.  I drink cokes.  I love all types of candies, gummies, and chocolates.

And, if I’m not eating real sugar, I’m downing the artificial stuff.  Bring on the crazy rat mutations.  I’m ready for an ear on my back!!!

So, because  of my serious sugar problem I decided to quit cold turkey eight days ago–and I talked Jared into it too!  To document the journey, I’m going to give you a recap.

Day 1.  First Razorback Football game of the season.  Somehow I stayed away from the awesome tailgate treats. 

Day 2.  Woke up to my mom’s cinnamon rolls.  They winked at me.  Evil, flirty rolls. 

Day 3.  Reality set in.

Day 4.  My first day at my new job.  They refilled the candy box behind me.  Now, I sit less than a foot from my favorite candy bars… for EIGHT HOURS A DAY.

Day 5.  Went to Barnes and Noble after work, found myself in the cookbook section.  I petted a picture of a chocolate cake. 

Then, met friends for Mexican. Didn’t have a margarita, and had to explain that I’m not pregnant. Just into self-torture.

Day 6.  Six people reached into the candy box at work.  One got a Crunch.  One got Pretzel M&M’s.  Two got Hundred Grands.  Two got Milky Way Caramels. 

Day 7.  Went to my friend Karoline’s birthday party.  Turned down Razorback Cupcakes.  Blasphemy.  If we lose our football game this weekend.  I’ll take the blame.  (Happy Birthday Karoline!!!)

So far, this challenge is making me crazy.  And now, because I’m staring at my new coworkers while they eat, I might be am the weird, new girl.  Ugh.

The only thing getting me through– Jared.  If he wasn’t doing it with me, I’d be camped out in a Sonic parking lot covered in shakes. 

This picture caught Rick in a moment of pure happiness.  What I will look like when September is over!  Except my mouth will be full of SUGAR!!!

Have you done any challenges lately? Any tips on making it through?

Fannon Fatty Fat FAT fATNESS FaT fat Camp

We started fat camp!  Me and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny are on the express train to skinny.  TOOTTTT!  Hopefully.

Here’s the deal.  Fannon Fat Camp is a competition.  We are competing against each other for the next month to see who can lose the most weight.  The winner?!? Gets $500 to spend on them self (insert dreams of bags and shoes here!)
That money is mine!!! 
We haven’t really discussed where the money is coming from yet.  It’s not like we have a box full of hundreds.  However, the voice in the movie Field of Dreams told Kevin Costner, if you build it, he will come.  So, I think if we build this program, the dollazzz will come.  Hopefully, they won’t land in the middle of a corn field, but in my wallet.  
Since we got married (ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO!)  I’ve gained about fifteen pounds.  Boo.  What makes me the most mad about the weight gain: I don’t even remember having fun stuffing my face!  It felt like automatic marriage weight.  It just popped on.  Bloop! Bloop! I guess I need to plop on a treadmill.  
Fannon Fat Camp started Sunday, July15th it ends Sunday, August 19th.  So please send Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny some meat.  He can’t turn down meat. Preferably, send him some steaks.  Not spoiled ones.  I don’t want him getting a stomach bug and throwing up a lot– then he could probably win.

Here’s a picture of the dogs and me in a field of dreams.  I feel like they should be in every post… since they’re the reason I’m writing this blog!