We Have Two Babies Under Two!

“Please send me all updates.  I am being held hostage by two tiny dictators.  Not sure when I will be released.” — Me to a group of friends, three minutes ago.

Well, we did it.  We have two babies under two living at our house.  It’s been a week and no one has been severely injured.  There are lots of things I should probably say about having two kids under two, but honestly I’m not sure what day it is.  So, I’ll just do an update on the babies and maybe some miraculous thoughts will happen later.

Me and my girls!

Annie’s birth.

I had another giant baby.  Annie Claire weighted 9lbs 6oz when she was born at 39 weeks.  If I had gone to 40 weeks I’m sure she would have gone into the double digits.

After much stewing, I decided to have another C-section.  Mostly because I was terrified of going through the same birth experience I did with Vera Faye (14 hours of labor, emergency C-section, 4 days in the NICU…).

I’m happy to say that Annie’s birth was such a different experience.  Choosing to be cut open in an operating room felt very clinical and cold, but it went so smoothly that I think I made the right decision. We just showed up at the hospital, and the doctor was ready.  Less than an hour later it was all done.  Annie Claire was ready to party.

Annie is…

A great baby.  She loves to snuggle.  She loves to sleep in late with me.  Yesterday, we laid in bed until 11:00 and it was amazing!!!  But, last night, she was up for four hours… so you win some and you lose some.

Annie is also…

An aggressive eater.  I’ve nicknamed her “Shredder.”  She took to breastfeeding like a champ, but dannnnnng I’m not sure I will recover.  I want to hand her to anyone who says breastfeeding doesn’t hurt and let her attack.

Vera Faye update.

She is as full of life as ever.  She loves to talk… and say “no” to everything.  She probably knows 100 other words/sounds, but “no” is definitely her favorite.  What other word does a spirited child need?!  She’s getting into puzzles more and more.  She loves her blanket and her book “The Pout-Pout Fish,” and she’s officially smarter than me.

Vera Faye is also…

Pissed.  For the first few days she wouldn’t look at the new baby.  I’m pretty sure she thought that if she didn’t look at Annie, she would disappear.  A week in, she is doing a little better, but she still doesn’t like me holding her sister.  Also, her dad is officially her favorite person.  I’m a little sad about it, but it’s also probably for the best.  Selfishly, it takes a little pressure off me.

Miraculous thoughts.

I still don’t have much to say, but I would like to this: I think I’ve been trying to be a perfect mom.  And, I’m officially over it.  Trying to be Super Mom is an impossible quest, and I’m tired of trying.  Also, I’m tired of feeling guilty for failing.  From now on, I’m just going to be the best mom I can be.  Please remind me of this in an hour when I’ve completely forgotten my mission.


We bought our first multi-family rental property about a month ago.  I’ll write about it next, so you don’t have to read all this kids stuff all the time :).

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