Happy Birthday Pink and Rick

I want to say thank you.  It means a lot to me that you are reading this.  I love to write, and every time someone tells me they read my blog (it happens very very very occasionally :))  it makes me extremely happy.  So, if you’re here, thank you.

I’ve been lost in the cave of motherhood.  At first, I couldn’t find the opening of the cave.  I was buried under sleepless nights and breastfeeding.  I felt like a straight up mammal (as opposed to a crooked mammal).

Now, I think I’ve found the opening of the cave, and I’m clawing my way back into the light.  It lies somewhere between 6 hours of consecutive sleep and a freezer full of milk.  I hope to make it out of the cave and into the fresh air by the end of the year.

To all you mothers and fathers out there, all I can say is, “Daaaaaaannnnnnngggggg.  You make it look easy!”

In an effort to come back into the fresh air of the blogosphere, I thought I’d write about the two original subjects of this blog, my dogs: Pink and Rick.

They turned four last month!!!  So, of course we had a party and photo shoot.  Our goal was to take pictures of Vera Faye and her furry brothers together… with birthday hats on.

Every year, we’ve taken pictures of the dogs with hats on.  So, getting a baby involved should be no problem, right?

It always starts off the same.  We put the party hats on the dogs, and they run into the ditch.

photo 4

I’m not sure why having a party hat on makes you want to run into the ditch, but these dogs have a serious urge.

Then, after they calm down a while, they usually shape up.  So, we brought the baby out.  After tons of coaxing we got Pink to set down next to Vera Faye.

photo 2

We were so close to a birthday picture.

Wait, where’s Rick?  Well, apparently he decided he was DONE.  He stormed off.

over it

Do you see the hat still hanging off of his head? 😉

Can you believe this dog?  #diva.  He decided he was done and swung his big booty to the back yard.  I’m not sure if it he was mad at the baby or that we weren’t letting him play in the ditch, but he had a serious attitude.

So, it was over.  I gave up.  Pink and Vera Faye would have to commemorate the fourth birthday without Rick.  I put up my phone.

Fortunately, about an hour later Rick seemed to be in a better mood, and my husband decided to give it one more shot.  And here it is: the birthday picture.  Happy 4th Birthday Puppies!

photo 1

Rick doesn’t know that Vera Faye is about to get his tail.

So, just like Rick came out of his Diva Cave to take a picture, I’m coming out of my new mother cave.  Having an infant is still hard, but we’re getting into a rhythm… sort of!  To celebrate, I decided to make homemade bread.  I don’t have a picture of it because we ate it too fast, but it was turkey shaped.

Why did it look like a turkey?  Well, I didn’t have a bread loaf pan.  I improvised and just threw the lump of dough on a cookie sheet.  Somehow, it came out looking like a turkey.

It didn’t taste like a turkey.  It tasted delicious.  Like fresh air.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pink and Rick

  1. Janice Everett

    I love reading your blog😊 it always makes me smile and feel like I’ve been there in person watching the fun! (and in the cave with you)😉


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