Taco Bell in the Closet…A Rehab Story

“Keeeellllllsie,” my husband said as I walked into our rental house.

“Yeeeeees…” I said.  I could tell by his voice something was wrong.  I started to panic.  Was it a water leak?  Did someone break into the house?

I never expected what came next.

“Did you leave a bag of Taco Bell in the closet?” he asked.

I was relieved and a little scared.

3 Days Earlier…

My parents came down to help us rebuild the bathroom floor of our rental house.  As we were cleaning up, I was on bag patrol.  We had a ton of bags.  Bags from Lowes.  Trash bags.  Walmart bags.  And one bag from Taco Bell with five tacos in it.

I instantly knew what happened.  I put the Taco Bell bag that was meant for the trash can in the closet with the rest of the remodeling supplies.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry,” I said, laughing.  I always do weird things like this.  It’s kind of my thing.

“Three day old Taco Bell– locked in a closet– is not a good surprise,” my husband said, smiling.  At least I think he was smiling…

We’ve had several surprises fixing up our rental house.

  1.  It needed a new roof.
  2. The air conditioning unit works!
  3. The bathroom needed to be gutted.


We hired people for the roof and the air conditioning, but decided to do the work on the bathroom ourselves with the help of my parents.  My mom watched the baby as I demolished this sweet green tile shower.

photo 4

The bathroom looked like this for a while.

photo 5

Until my husband and dad ripped out the two layers of subfloor, the tub, and the toilet.  Then, it got a little scarier when these worker bees ended up standing on the dirt under our house.

photo 3

This is when I started feeling bad for everyone.

I never thought we would have to demo the bathroom down to the floor joists.  I didn’t know what a floor joist was.  Honestly, I didn’t even know what held up a house.  I just thought magic fairies held up houses.  I was wrong: boards do (unless your house is on a concrete slab…see I’m learning!).

After we ripped everything out, we started putting it back together.  We laid down new, solid sub floor and laid concrete backer board on top to put tile on.

photo 2

Then, we put our tile and new shiny toilet into the bathroom!

photo 1

I’ve never been so excited about a toilet!  A huge shout out to my husband and dad who made this possible and to my husband’s dad who is helping us too.  We couldn’t do it without you.

The bathroom still needs a ton of work.  We’ve got to put in a tub, sheetrock around the tub, put in a vanity, finish tiling, and the list goes on.

Why can’t this take thirty minutes like on HGTV?

Progress is Progress?

Even though the progress is slower than on TV, it’s been fun.  I’ve worked hard– I can’t lift my arms above my head because I spent eight hours painting ceilings yesterday.  And, I’ve learned a ton– fairies don’t hold up houses and don’t leave your Taco Bell in a closet.

I haven’t learned my lesson though, because yesterday my husband was outside and I heard, “Keeeeelllllsie……”

“Yeeesssss,” I said.

“How long has this sandwich been in the cooler?”

What are you up to?  Ever been under a house or left food in a weird place?


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