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Summer Bucket List Update

I just got done walking two miles.  I was supposed to run two miles, but I made it about 5 feet down the road when I remembered: running sucks.

During my walk I remembered that I haven’t updated you on my bucket list progress since…. a long time ago.  Like before I had a baby.  I’m not sure if my life existed before I had a baby, because I can’t remember what it was like before I had to wake up twice during the night to feed my hungry nugget before she goes into “beast mode.”

I could literally write a million posts my snuggle nugget, but I’ll spare you the gushing.  Let me just say this, she’s the most perfect, beautiful baby in the Americas.


I’m not sure about this bonnet…

Here’s my progress:

1.  Figure out (and write about) our next big financial goal (January) –Done!

After we paid off our mortgage last year, we definitely went on auto-pilot financially.  So, we set a new goal to replace my salary with rental income.  I wrote about the tiny progress we’re making toward our goal here.

2.  Take a babymoon (February, March, or April) –Done!

Read about the time I hiked to the tallest point in Arkansas while super pregnant here.

3.  Get our nursery ready (March) –Done!

If you’re wondering if my baby has a place to sleep, worry no more.  Here is her nursery.  Warning!  If you’re offended by the color pink, don’t keep reading!!!

photo 1


photo 4

A big thank you to my mom and sister who helped me organize the nursery while I sat in the rocking chair dreaming of slushes from Sonic.  Also, my brilliant co-worker sewed the bedding and curtains.  She did an amazing job!


4.  Finish book (April) –Not even close

I wrote a really crappy book, but I’m afraid to finish it because it’s so bad.  I need to figure this one out…

5.  Have a baby! (May) –Done!

Two months and three days ago, I had a baby.

6.  Complete 5 Treehouse “tracks” (September)- In progress

I’ve finished one and a half tracks.  I’m going to try to finish another one by the end of next month.

7. Get back to pre-baby weight (October)- Done… sort of 🙂

I gained around 23 pounds when I was pregnant.

Good news: since my baby was 10 pounds, I was able to lose the weight pretty quickly.  The doctor basically just pulled half of the weight out of me.  The other half fell off by breastfeeding (which is super hard.  Why didn’t you tell me?).

Bad news:  all of my belly parts are still not back to where they were before I was pregnant.  And, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a while until they are.

8.  Run a family 5k (November)- Not even close.

Please see the description at the beginning of this post.  Again, running sucks.

9.  Check out our tithe/giving situation (reoccurring starting in January)- Done!

We started tithing a couple years ago, and it’s been really rewarding.  But, I am pretty stingy, so we hadn’t adjusted our tithing amount since then.  Also, we kind of started slipping on tithing at all during busy months.  So, this year I’ve made more of an effort to tithe every month and on all of our income.  We’ve only missed one month so far.  I’m counting this as a success!

10.  Use my Real Estate License (December)- Done!

I’m really enjoying learning about the world of real estate.  I’ve written several contracts, and I had my first closing last month.

Overall, I’ve done a lot on my bucket list for this year.  But, some of the most intense items are still unfinished…  Good thing I have about five months left.  Bad thing is the baby thinks I should attend to her needs 24/7 :).  We will see how this goes!