I had a 10 Pound Baby… and other thoughts on motherhood

Hi! I  hope you’re having the best summer.  Our summer has been pretty life changing so far.

Three weeks ago, I gave birth to a 10 pound baby.  Honestly, she was only 9 pounds and 13 ounces.  But, when you have a 9 pound 13 ounce baby, I think you can round up.

I spent a few hours last week writing my birth story, but I never finished it.  Here’s a recap: it was dramatic, it included an emergency C-section, 13 hours of labor, 4 days in the NICU, and finally, a beautiful, healthy baby girl

Here’s her 2-week-old picture.  She just figured out the meaning of life.  It’s milk, of course!

2 week vera

Even though I haven’t finished my birth story, here are my 20 initial thoughts about motherhood.

1.  I have a new boss.  She is a tiny lady with a receding hair line who screams at me a lot.  But, when she holds my hand or smiles at me, all is forgiven.

2.  My coworker (husband) is pretty terrific, and we make fun of our boss lady sometimes.

3.  I’m up all night.  It’s like college, except there are no parties, drinks, or fun clothes involved.  Unless you count baby parties– which oddly enough– I do.

4.  Breastfeeding is harrrrrd.  It feels like a tiny person is attacking you.

5.  I’m covered in spit up and milk most of the day.

6.  I tried to leave the house yesterday, and I couldn’t because my baby wouldn’t let me put her in her car seat.

7.  If we do make it out of the house, it takes HOURS to get ready.

8.  You come up with tons of nicknames for your baby.  Currently, we call the baby: Milk Monster, Little Bird, V Baby, Boss Lady, and Baby Bear.

9.  You can’t trust your own thoughts, especially at night.  My husband found me trying to nurse a pillow the first week we were home.

10.  Explosive poop is a very real thing.  Watch out!

11.  Babies are kind of like drugs.  You’re addicted before you know it.

12.  I thought dressing her would be fun, like dressing a doll.  Turns out, it’s like dressing a screaming, angry bear.

13.  She makes weird noises.  Sometimes, she sounds like a dinosaur.

14.  I cry when I look at her.

15.  I cry when I watch my husband holding her.

16.  Even thought I’m 29, it still feels like I’m on an episode of Teen Mom.

17.  I have no idea how my mom raised 3 kids.  I’m pretty sure Baby V is going to be an only child.

18.  I feel like a grizzly bear.  The thought of anything or anyone hurting her makes me want to turn into a wild animal.

19.  I love her.

20.  She’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

I hope I’ve had more thoughts since we brought our baby home, but I can’t remember anything these days.  Any more thoughts on motherhood/fatherhood/baby raising/summer that you’d like to share?!







14 thoughts on “I had a 10 Pound Baby… and other thoughts on motherhood

  1. Allison

    All the best to you and your family!

    When I had my twin girls 13 years ago for the longest time anytime we wanted to go out it took one solid hour for us to get out of the house. No exaggeration!

  2. Great Aunt Vicki

    You have learned about everything you need to know for this stage. My motto for mothering was that I loved every stage more than the last one.

  3. Great Aunt Vicki

    Vera Faye is adorable and beautiful and I can’t wait to cuddle her. However she looks too wise for her age. It seems like I remember another little baby that started out in the world with a very serious look. Oh Well! She turned out to be a sweetheart.

  4. Beth

    KELSIE! She is just the prettiest baby I have ever seen! I can’t wait to squish her (and you, for birthing her). Congratulations!

  5. Jen Stapleton

    Our Veras are named after the same amazing woman!! Vera and my Dad are first cousins. So, hello. Vera Belle (VV Doll, VB, Veta B, Vera Bear) is 2 years old now but your post made me cry still the same. I haven’t ever experienced anything quite so heart-wrenchingly difficult and fantabulous all at the same time as having babies. I read Isaiah 40:11 (GNT, NIV) often. A LOT. Congrats! Good luck! And we hope to meet you all someday.

    1. Kelsie Post author

      It’s great to hear from you! I heard about your baby Vera Bell and love her name, of course! We would love to meet you and your Vera some day… Hopefully before they get too big!

  6. Joannie

    Ok, you’re definitely in your (blogging) element! You’re hysterical and funny (kinda redundant) and so refreshing. And you have a gorgeous little girl! I don’t know why I’ve never seen your posts but I’m at least twice your age so maybe that’s it. I’m bookmarking you for sure.


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