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April/May Bucket List Update!!

Did you notice the title of this post?  There is only two exclamation points.  Isn’t it weird to see two exclamation points together? If exclamation points were people, they would be polygamists because they don’t mate in pairs.

Anyway, on to the real “point” of this post.  It’s time for a Bucket List Update.  I haven’t done one of these since my March update, so there’s a lot to “exclaim” about.

1.  Organize one room in my house every month (Reoccurring and taking the place of a January Challenge).


April:  Living Room.  I didn’t do much, but I did get rid of a few things.

May:  Our outside storage room.  True confession: my husband organized this one.  It still counts, right?

I’ve officially organized all the “easy rooms.”  Now, I have to start on the hard ones, wish me luck!

2. Lose 10 pounds through the Paleo Diet or South Beach Diet (February) (March).

I’I still haven’t done this.  Maybe June?

3.  Go on a Vegas Vacation (March).

We had the best time!  Check it out.

4.  Run 365 miles (reoccurring and taking the place of an April challenge).

January: 12.75

February: 19

March: 31

April: 30

May: 31

I was originally supposed to run 365 miles, like it says above, but I’ve been walking some of my miles.  Since my journey is about progress, not perfection, I’m calling it a success!

5.  Go one month without artificial sugar (May)  (February)

I’m killing this one!  I’ve had fewer than five Diet Cokes all year!  Since, I used to have five in one day, I’m really proud of my progress.  However, I am drinking more regular Cokes than I used to, but they’re supposed to be better for you, right?

6.  Learn to hula-hoop or whistle (June).

I did this one a month early.  I’ve been working on my whistling all month.  I’m getting pretty good.  I still can’t whistle songs, but I can make a strong noise if I warm up a little.  Do you want to learn?  Here’s an article I read that helped me.  Yes, I found it by googling, “how to whistle…”

7.  Go skydiving (July) (August/September).

I’m moving this one to August/September.

8.  Write 2 blog posts every week (Reoccurring).

Even though I’ve only blogged here once a week, I’ve been writing a weekly post for another website to earn a little cash on the side (see goal number 12).  So, I guess I’ve been doing this, even though isn’t getting updated as much as I would like.

9.  Become completely debt free– including paying off our house (September).

True confession #2:  Ahhhhhhhhh…. I’m so tired of this!  I’ve started drooling over the shoes I’m going to buy when we get done.  I’ve also put a complete freeze on buying any clothes until we’re done.  If you see me wearing the same thing five times in a row, don’t worry, I’m not homeless.  It just means we’re getting closer to being completely debt free.

It looks like we will be done paying off our house sometime in July, and we will be completely debt free in September or October.  So, really we’re not that far away from our goal.  It’s just getting really old… because we’ve been working on it for almost three years.  Check out the latest update of our progress for more info.

10.  Write a fiction book and sell it on Amazon (October).

I’ve started this, but I’m not even close to being done.  I’m not even close to being done with the first draft.  I’m going to try and find some time to focus on this in June.

11.  Do something spontaneous (November).

12.  Make $1,000 of side income a month, by freelance writing/blogging/video projects (December).

January, February, March: $0

April: 57.06

May: 61.06

June:  I picked up a side job at a local college during the month of June, so I may reach my goal next month.  The bad news is, this job will only last a month.  The good news is, I found a side gig.  Here’s to hoping something else will pop up in July!IMG_5231

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my progress.  It could be better, but I’m pretty excited about what’s happening this year.  Next week, I’m going to write a post to break down my side income, the rejections I’ve been getting, and how I found my June side gig.  So, come back… or I’ll send my dogs for you.