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My Dogs are Inbred: It gets worse.

So the bad news is…

Inbred Dogs

Last Family Pic

Rick and Pink’s parents are missing.  Saddest. News. Ever.  Harley and Hannah left home (my husband’s parents house) about two weeks ago, and they haven’t been seen since.  It could be the worst case scenario.  But, it might not be so bad either…like Rick and Pink, they make friends easily.  Previously they’ve gone on road trips– hours away– and people returned them.  They also love visiting neighbors and nearby hunters, so there’s a good chance that they’re somewhere eating a ham.  Awesome story:  Harley actually stole someone’s “Thanksgiving Ham” off their porch last year.  He thought he won the food lottery!  And he did!

Harley and Hannah’s disappearance is double sad for Pink and Rick.  Why?  It’s the worst-kept secret of  Pink and Rick are inbred*.  I know what you’re saying, “What?”

inbred dogs

Exhibit A.

Well, Hannah used to live with us, and Harley lived with my husband’s parents.  One weekend we were going out of town for a football game and took Hannah to Harley’s house.  Badda Bing Badda Boom Pink and Rick**.

So, Harley and Hannah are brother and sister.  Rick and Pink are brothers–and cousins.  Harley is their dad/uncle and Hannah is their mom/aunt.  That’s why I think their disappearance is DOUBLE sad.  In one swoop, they lost their Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle.  If you can hear me Harley and Hannah, please come home.  I’m pleading from the blogosphere.  Let’s reunite this family!

Until then, I’ll keep comforting Pink and Rick….

inbred dogs

So sleepy!

*  Even though they’re technically inbred, we call them “pure bred.”  I mean, inbreeding is how you get all these designer dogs, right?  Plus, it keeps the other dogs from teasing Pink and Rick.

** Just so you know, all the dogs are fixed now– including Pink and Rick.  So, no more inbreeding is happening around our house!!!

My Secret Financial Goal: What’s yours?!

Well I’m back!  We just got back from a week cruise to the Caribbean.  I had a great time hanging out with my family and my husband.  We ate so much, I thought I was in a food coma.

This was my first cruise, and getting to spend 5 days with my family was incredible.  But, I’m not sure if I’m going to jump on a boat anytime soon.  I couldn’t get over the images of Titanic.  Neither could my husband after I clawed his arm every time the boat moved.  Every night, before I went to sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking we were going to go down… into Davy Jones’ Locker.  I’m sure dolphins would have saved us.  And if the dolphins were too busy, I’m sure the Little Mermaid would have sang us to safety.  What was I worried about anyway?!?

Speaking of fears, I had a great convo with my sister.  She’s a really successful at work AND she makes some mean cookies.  She’s pretty much an all-around amazing person.  Anyway, we were talking about finances, and she asked me how everything is going.

Then, I had an epiphany, I said, “I just want to be able to say that if we both lost our jobs, one of us could work at McDonalds, and we would be fine.”

I immediately thought my goal was crazy.  Why can’t I have a normal goal, like, “buying a boat, backpacking through Europe, or living in a castle?”

Suddenly, I realized why this goal/fear’s been driving my financial progress.  You see, I graduated in 2008.  Jobs were hard to come by.  So, I took the first one I found… making $7.00 an hour (my little brother made more that summer as a lifeguard.  Crazy, huh?).  To give me more career options, I went back to grad school the next year.  After grad school, I took the first job I found again, making $22,000 a year.

To clarify, these were great jobs.  I was very lucky to get each of them.  Both of them gave me tremendous skills–that I rely on today.  However, those opportunities also taught me an interesting lesson.  You’re not guaranteed anything.  I expected my life path to very linear.  I would go to college, find a good job, and stay at that job until I retired.  But, in 2008, it was hard to find a high paying job for an average student with a low-paying major without any connections.  Also, I needed something quickly because my student loans were knocking on the door.  And, for some reason, they didn’t like the “optional repayment strategy” I tried out.

I don’t really care about making a ton of money.  I just want to be able to support myself (my family) if I need to.  Therefore, the only conclusion I could come to, after realizing that I’m a little weird, is it’s okay if one of my biggest financial goals involves working at McDonalds.  I’m a product of a ever-shifting workforce.  And, that’s pretty exciting because it forces everyone to learn new skills.  And, if something happens and my husband and I both lose our jobs, I think I would love working at McDonalds!

Anyway, that’s one of my biggest/craziest financial goals: to  work at McDonalds and still be able to provide for my family.  What’s your secret financial goal?

More Bucket List Ideas

Just in case you didn’t get enough of my 2014 Bucket List…I’ve recruited some more Bucket List-ers!  I’m going to start posting about their stories (and mine) over on MyYearlyBucketList.  My recruiting efforts went pretty well.  I may have threatened them with participation–or fighting this crazy dog with dentures or his friend with the crazy eyes.

Bucket List Ideas

Doesn’t Rick look like he has dentures?!

My first recruit is my husband.  His participation wasn’t mandatory, but it was highly encouraged!  My husband put some great stuff on his bucket list.  Awesome challenges like, “Registering for the Bone Marrow Transplant Registry- January”  and some more bloody challenges like, “Kill a deer with my bow and arrow-December.”  Check out his full list here.

My husband’s not the only one burying himself in a Bucket List. 

My long-time friend Sarah is giving it a go, too.  Her participation was also mandatory highly encouraged!

Here’s what she said about her list:

My list falls into five major themes:  Health, Spirituality, Life/Organization, Work and Finances.  Some bucket list items fall into specific monthly challenges, while others are ongoing.  I thought about these for a long time, and wanted to make sure that each challenge was realistic.  These are the Lucky Thirteen that made the cut.

My 2014 Bucket List:

1. Establish an 8:00-4:30 workday… January and ongoing…

2. Compile addresses into an address book… February

3. Complete a 7-day cleanse… March

See her full list here:

I’m excited to see how they do on their bucket lists.  Also, if you need some encouragement, you can send me your list and I will post your story!  2014 is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!  Have you set any goals yet?