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My eBook Release Party

There’s good news and bad news about the release party.  The good news is: you’re at the party!  The bad news is: it’s only a party in my mind.  There’s no cake or balloons…except for in my mind.  In my mind it’s a roaring fiesta!  So, come party in my mind with me.

One of the biggest challenges on my 2013 Bucket List was to write an eBook.  After months of work, hours of formatting, and days of feeling silly for ever thinking I could write an eBook, here it is.  It ended up being short, about 25 pages, so I just made it into PDF.   You can just click on the picture below and read it on your computer/tablet/phone.

I want to give a big shout out to:  my friend Megan, who read an early version and gave me the best notes ever, and some big thanks to my mom, husband, and friend Karoline for reading it and giving me lots of encouragement.

I decided to write about how and why you should make a Yearly Bucket List.  Here are five reasons you should read this book:

1.  I sucked at goals, and making a MyYearlyBucketList transformed my life.  It motivated me to pay off almost 30K in debt, lose 10 pounds, and write an eBook.

2.  This book will tell you how to make your own MyYearlyBucketList and transform your life, too!

3.  There are no zombies or vampires or teenage love triangles in it (or maybe there are…).

4.  I explain why New Year’s Resolutions are dead.  Real dead.  More dead than zombies.

5.  It’s free!  It couldn’t be any cheaper!


Because I spent so much time on this book, I decided to make a website about it.  Check it out at MyYearlyBucketList.  Here four ways to get involved:

1.  Make a MyYearlyBucketList and submit it on my new website.

2. Write for my website.

3.  Read what’s on my website.

4.  Make fun of my website.

So there you have it, I hope you will read and enjoy!  Please let me know if you want to get involved.

November Bucket List Update-With a Southern Twang!

Hey y’all!  (I’m trying to use more southern slang, so get ready for “y’all,” “fixin’,” and lots of “dawwwwgggsss”)

rick and pink in truck

This is one of my last Bucket List Updates for 2013.  I can’t believe we’re already wrapping up 2013.  I also can’t believe the power of a yearly bucket list!  I’ve never stuck with New Year’s Resolutions, so I can’t believe this actually worked (mostly).  I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve gotten a lot done.

1. Write and publish and an ebook.  (Deadline: June December)

This is DONE!  I’m going release it on next Tuesday, November 19th!  So excited!  Plllllleeeaaaasssseee check back and take a look…or I’ll send Rick’s tongue after you.

2.  Make a monthly video (Ongoing.  First deadline: January 31)

I’ve made eight total this year, but I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I’m still going to try and get 12 done by the end of the year–so here’s a project I made for work.

3.  Keep my car clean for a month.  I was tired of riding around in a trash can on wheels.  So were my passengers!!!

I finished this in January. Check out the results.

4.  Finish P90X.  (Deadline: March) This one was ugly.  I got to about P 65X.  I threw it out in July.  FAIL!

5.  Do something really nice for Mr. We’ve Had them Since They Were Tiny. (Deadline: July)

Did this!  We went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico!

6.  Pay off 40K on our house (Ongoing)

We’re up to 28K, mostly because we started a pretty aggressive plan in September.  I don’t think we’re going to make it to $40,000, and I’m okay with it.  When I started this year, I had NO IDEA how we would pay off ANYTHING.  So, 28K is pretty much a miracle.  And, who knows, maybe we will find $10,000 in a turkey?

7.  Invest in something besides retirement. (Deadline: December)

This one has been pretty miserable.  We’ve had a lot of fails:  the last one that didn’t work out.

I’m probably going to kick this out of the bucket list, but I’m not ditching it until December 31.  You never know what will happen!

8.  Really help out a stranger.  Or someone I know.  Just help out another person in a big way. (Deadline: December)

Currently in progress!  I’m going to write a post about this sometime this month.

9.  Tithe every month.

We’ve tithed every month this so far, and it had shocking results.

10.  Eat low carb for a month.  (March)

I did this and lost 10 pounds!  I’ve kept them off, but I need to lose another set.

11.  Sew something I can wear outside of the house (Deadline: September)

Done!  Check out my project here.

12.  Make a podcast (Deadline: August)

Done!  Check out my podcast here.

13.  Run in a 10k (Deadline: October)

Currently in training!

14.  Wake up early for an entire month.  Early means 6:00…a.m.  (February  September) NEVER!

This one is as dead as a bag of treats in front of Pink and Rick.  I tried to wake up early a couple months ago, and I made it two (okay, one) morning.  I’m officially declaring a…FAIL!  I still want to be an early riser, so I may put it in on my bucket list for next year.

Overall, I’m on target to complete 11.5 of my bucket list items for 2013.  I’m pretty excited, because the last goal I completed was eating an entire carton of ice cream.  Also, I can’t wait to release my ebook next week.  I hope y’all check it out, because it’s fixin’ to be awesome!

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The Dogs of Anarchy…Find Anarchy!

Halloween was a week ago, and I’ve finally polished off all the candy around my house… and around my office.   I’m coming out of my sugar coma long enough to tell you about the, “Dogs of Anarchy!”

doa sitting

This year, Pink and Rick partied as the “Dogs of Anarchy” — after my fav show right now, “Sons of Anarchy”– because there are so many similarities between the show and my dogs.

Sons of Anarchy= biker gang

Dogs of Anarchy= dog gang

Sons of Anarchy=People get shot

Dogs of Anarchy=Pink got stabbed

Sons of Anarchy=Everything gets destroyed

Dogs of Anarchy=Everything gets destroyed

Sons of Anarchy=smuggle guns

Dogs of Anarchy=smuggle kibble and more kibble

Like last year, I DIY’d their costumes.  It was really easy.  I just bought two black t-shirts and one white t-shirt.  On the front and back of the white t-shirt I drew the “Dogs of Anarchy” logo.  Then, I cut out the logos and glued them on the back of the black shirts.  Easy!

Rick really got into character.  See the snarl?!?

kelsie and doa

They even had accessories: a Frisbee and a pumpkin.

pumpkin and frisbee

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have gone all out, because they decided to take their costumes literally.  First, they destroyed their frisbee.frisbee fight

Then, we took Pink and Rick over to a friend’s house.  This was probably a mistake.  About an hour later, one of their neighbors came over and said, “did you know your dogs were out?”

Somehow Pink found a loose board in their fence and squeezed out of the yard.  So, he was running around a strange neighborhood in a “Dogs of Anarchy” shirt.  Which, is hilarious.  Can you imagine finding a stray running around your neighborhood in a “Dogs of Anarchy” shirt?!?

Then, the neighbor said something even more terrifying, “And…one of the dogs was on top of the fence.”   That’s when I thought…”what?”  That would mean one of the dogs scaled an 8ft wooden fence–and was walking on top of it.  No one else saw it, so I can’t decide if it’s true, but it makes a great story.

After the break out Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They We’re Tiny said, “that’s enough! The “Dogs of Anarchy” are going home!”

rick dirty

So, Pink and Rick had a successful Halloween.  They broke our friends fence and caused some anarchy.

In positive news, I’ve figured out what my next business venture is: demolition dogs.

Have you finished eating your candy yet? Or do you need these two to come and do it for you?

dogs on leash