Why Dogs Should Not Float

We took Pink and Rick floating last weekend.  I begged and begged to take them.  But, I learned quickly that our dogs should not float.

Every year we go to my Aunt’s Cabin and have a family retreat and go floating.  Last year we made the dogs stay at the cabin.  But, this year, they were more mature, right?  More grown up, right?  So we took them.

First, we got prepared.  My coworker told me I needed to get some shoes to protect their feet.   We started the weekend by trying wrangle the dogs into slippers that looked like balloons.


WHATTTTTT? You want to put balloons on my feet?! I’m not a clown dog.


I don’t know what’s going on, but I kind of like it.

Then we boosted them on the school bus…

Dogs on a school bus

The dogs on the bus go round and round

We let them wade in the water…

Dogs in water

Bring it onnnnnnnn!

Then, I had to put my camera away, because I didn’t want it to end up in the river.  And… the shenanigans started.

1.  First, when we were surrounded by hundreds of people, Rick got loose.  I thought he would just run around and make friends.  I hoped he would stay by the canoe.  I wanted him to swim nearby.  But, he chose to dart to the bank of the river.  That’s weird, I thought.  He loves the cool water, so why would he go to the bank?  Next, he ran down the bank in front of the biggest crowd he could find–probably 100 people.  And in slow motion, he started to squat.  Nooooooo, I screamed as I realized what he was doing.   Then, he squatted further and took a massive number 2– as the whole crowd watched.

Why dogs should not float # 1: They like a bathroom audience.

2.  A couple miles later we ran into a group of people on the bank of the river.  The little girl in the group was straight out of a horror movie.   Because, as soon as our canoe got close, she picked up a rock and threw it into the river.  Before I could get my hands over Rick’s eyes, he launched himself into after the rock.  We all went down with him.  We flipped into the river and our whole canoe went under.  We were left trying to hang onto the dog, our stuff, the canoe, get out of the river, and not drown.

Why dogs should not float # 2:  They like devil children.

After fighting with him for miles we finally got smart, and put him in the front of the canoe.  That way I could have a better grip on him.

Captain Rick Sparrow!

Captain Rick Sparrow!

3.  Next, Rick decided to take a break and let his brother pull some shenanigans.  We were almost to the end of the float, when we passed some kids jumping off a cliff.  One of the boys jumped as Pink passed by in a canoe with my parents.  Before they could grab him, Pink leapt out of the boat after the boy.  Then, Rick saw Pink in the water and wanted to jump.  I wresteled all 107 pounds of him back in the boat, as we pulled our canoe to the bank to try and catch Pink.

Why dogs should not float # 3: They think they are Lassie.

Overall, we had a great time!  But, I think we will leave Pink, Rick, and their balloon shoes at home next year.  Have you had any success taking pets on vacations?

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