6 Payoffs of Canceling Cable TV

Check out these 6 Payoffs of Canceling Cable TV.  But first, here’s why we cut the cord.

We canceled our Cable TV about six months ago.  I’d wanted to for a long time, because it’s a huge waste of time and money.  But, I never could because I looooooooooooove Reality TV.  All of it.  Everything from Houses on HGTV to Housewives on Bravo.  I love Reality TV so much that I can tell you the name of every housewife in every city.  Impressed?  No.  Well, I know most of the words to, “Don’t be tardy for the party.”  BOOM!!!!  Now you’re impressed.


Pink and Rick are impressed

Americans have a love/hate relationship with Cable TV.  When I tell people about canceling our Cable TV most say, “ahhhh.  I wish I could do that.”  People hate cable because it is one of the only industries that punishes people for being long-term customers.  The longer you’re a customer, the more you pay.  But, people don’t want to get rid of it because it’s sooooooo good.

Over 2 years our cable creeped up from $20 to $120.  Gradually we started cutting back.  We ditched some channels, and we got it down to $70 a month.  It wasn’t bad.  Just kind of annoying.  Since we’re trying to pay off our house, I thought it would be nice if we paid around $25 a month.

We called Dish Network to strip down our package down  to the basics.  Then, the rep said she would have to charge us to switch our receiver.  Charge us?  We’ve been customers for over two years.  We pay on time.  We’ve never needed maintenance or anything.  And we’re getting charged to change our receiver?  That’s when Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny said, “you ready to get rid of it?”  The housewives flashed through my mind, but I said, “yes.”

Fast forward six months.  Here are 8 payoffs of canceling our cable:

1.  We got Netflix, and I’ve been catching up on quality TV.  Two words.  Mad Men.  I was too busy with botox and bonus rooms to watch this  SHAMAZING show.  I  watched the first five seasons.  I can’t watch the current season (because it’s on cable).  So, I’ve moved on to…

2.  Awesome Netflix only shows.  Like House of Cards.  It’s up for an Emmy.  Kevin Spacey’s acting is the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched.  Like dark, twisty, scandalous butter.  If butter was twisty and scandalous.

3.  I spend less time watching TV.  Also, I spend NO time watching commercials.

4.  We have rabbit ears.  Remember those things?  At your grandma’s house?  Well, we’ve got a pair.  Our friends donated them to us, and they make me feel like a hipster.  Now I have more street cred.

5.  Our TV expenses are 8 bucks a month.  It’s amazing.  Also, Netflix is a company I like giving my money to.  They are upfront about costs.  When the money is taken out of our bank account, I think, “yeah, you deserve it, Netflix.”  Not, “I freaking hate you Dish Network.”

6.  After we pay off our house, we will probably return to cableville.  Hopefully, by that time the Cable TV industry will have a melt down and will be upfront about costs and stop punishing loyal customers.  Because right now, the whole system is bogus.   BOOM!!!

Have you ever thought about canceling your cable?

8 thoughts on “6 Payoffs of Canceling Cable TV

  1. Jana

    Yes! I’ve thought about giving up our cable but am having trouble convincing the hubs. He loves his news channels and Christmas movies. We gave it up once, loved it, then bought a house and decided we needed it again. For what, I don’t have a clue.

    1. admin Post author

      I had trouble convincing mine too, until they made him mad! It’s so crazy how it sucks you in. Every couple weeks, I think about calling and getting it back.

      A friend told me she convinced her husband to give up cable by putting their payments into a vacation fund. If there’s something he wants, maybe you can take promise to put some the tv money toward it?

  2. Erin

    We canceled ours about a year ago. We use Netflix and Hulu via our rad PlayStation. We have NEVER played an actual game on our PlayStation. I could get rid of Hulu because we rarely use it, but it is so cheap and I can catch up on random shows I miss – like Project Runway! My problem with Netflix? They don’t have their partnership/contract/agreement/whatever with Nickelodeon anymore so a lot of the shows the little one like aren’t available anymore. I know, it’s lame. But, when your 2-yr-old is begging to watch Blue’s Clues and you have to explain that big companies sometimes have disagreements and he throws spaghetti at you, it’s a big deal.

    1. admin Post author

      Hahaha. I hate spaghetti throwdowns! It’s hard enough trying to rationalize it to myself, but I can’t imagine having to rationalize it to a toddler. Sounds like you’re doing good though! I love Project Runway… so you may have just convinced me to get Hulu too. I spend more than it costs on going to lunch with my coworkers, so I think I should just do it.

  3. Amy

    You are forgetting one major aspect of cable: Razorback Football. And football season in general. Sounds like you cancelled after football was over.

    1. admin Post author

      You’re right. It’s going to be tough. Maybe we will have to crash some willing friends’ house…

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