Paying Off Our House + Space Dogs

We’re nine months into paying off our house.  Three months ago we got distracted by buying a foreclosure.  So, now we’re back to boring: paying off our mortgage.  I want to update you on the progress.

Update 1.  It sucks.  No one says this.  Everyone always says, “have big goals!  Reach for the stars!”  No one says, “big goals suck, they are only fun when you finish.”  Sometimes I just need to say it.

Update 2.  To be fair, it’s also addicting.  It’s energizing.  The thought of never paying another house payment is incredible.

Update 3.  During the last update, I said we’d paid off $11,000 since January.  As of this month, we’ve paid off $26,000 since January.  This would be incredible, but we took out a loan of $10,000 to do it.  Why are we paying the loan shuffle?

Update 4.  We got messed up with the foreclosure nasty business (or biznasty as I like to call it).   During the foreclosure biznasty, we took out a $10,000 loan from a local bank to help us make some repairs that needed to be done before we moved in.  When we lost the foreclosure we didn’t need the loan.  We put the loan toward paying off our house. That’s why we’re down so much.

Why did we decide go through with this weird lender square dance?

Update 5.   I really wanted to see the balance on our home drastically decrease.  I know, it’s silly, but our loan balance looks amazing.  And sometimes, you just need some good news.  Even if it’s not accurate.

Update 6.  Also, we don’t have to pay the smaller loan back for 2 years.  We calculated the interest owed on the smaller loan, and it was about the same as paying on our mortgage.  It’s a wash for us.  We’re going to ignore it for now and tackle it later.

So, now we have $44,000 left on our home loan.  I feel weird putting all this out there.  I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to, but we talked about it and want to document the process–and maybe help someone.  So, there it is.  I’m not sure what etiquette is for blogging about paying off your house, but Emily Post would probably say this whole blog is inappropriate, anyway.

That’s where we are.  And we’re forging ahead.  Our goal is to finish in March of next year–1.5 years into the process.  This is super unrealistic.  When I crunch the numbers they never say we will be done in March.  But, it’s always been our goal, so we’re keeping it for now.

Maybe, we will be done in March 2099 and say, “we met our goal, we finished in March!”   Pink and Rick will dominate some doggie space suites in March 2099.


Ricky Bobby dreams of being a Dog-stronaut

 Feel free to post your own update below…

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