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How To Bathe Lions

Hey O!  We are taking the dogs on a trip this weekend.  They are staying in our friends parent’s garage.  They smelled so bad, I was embarrassed for them to sleep in their garage.  You know it’s bad when you smell worse than a tractor.  So check out how we cut the stench.


Step 1.  Lure them in with orange popsicles

pink tub












2.  Give them a stern talk about staying in the tub.










3.  Let them howl about the torture.  The humanity!












4.  Soap and rinse










5.  Tell a funny joke, like, “Rick, you’re so big, your mom must be a lion!”












6.  Help them find their lost popsicle.










7.  Dry off.  If possible, coordinate the towel color with your lion’s name.












Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you bathe anything interesting!

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2013 Bucket List: What Shocked Me and What Was Tossed Out

My whole life (or the last five years), I wanted to make a bucket list.  But, it’s kind of morbid to think about, because you have to start thinking about death and mortality.  So, I created this lighter version–it’s my yearly bucket list.  It’s like the fat free version of bucket lists.  It’s a great way to stay focused on goals and just random stuff I want to try.  If you want to read about the bucket list beginnings, start here.  If you want to get on with the post: here ya go.

1. Write and publish and an ebook.  (Deadline: June)

Working on it- sort of- I haven’t actually written anything, but I’ve got ideas in my mind.  I’m not giving up, but I’m not going to have anything done by June.  So, my new deadline is December.

1.  Make a monthly video (Ongoing.  First deadline: January 31)

I haven’t released a video every month, but I’ve sporadically released four throughout the year.  So, I’m counting this as a success.  Here’s my latest editions:

My Dog Dances Like This Cowboy

Or Check Out This work project!

2.  Keep my car clean for a month.  I was tired of riding around in a trash can on wheels.  So were my passengers!!!

I did this! Check out the results.  My car, her name is Colbie, has maintained a semi-clean appearance since then.  If I could only get her to stop leaving random papers and cups around.  Oh, wait that was me?

3.  Finish P90X.  (Deadline: March)

This one was ugly.  I got to about P 65X.  So, I’m calling it a fail, and I’m tossing it out of my bucket list.  That’s the great thing about bucket lists, if you don’t like something, just toss it out!

4.  Do something really nice for Mr. We’ve Had them Since They Were Tiny. (Deadline: July)

I haven’t found exactly what I’m going to do yet.  I’ve been having lunch with him like he asked, but I don’t think this is big enough.  Now I’m thinking about buying him a zoo animal.  Or making him a samurai sword.  Maybe both.

5.  Pay off 40K on our house (Ongoing)

We’re up to $15,000.  We’re a little behind because we got wrapped up in the next goal…

6.  Invest in something besides retirement. (Deadline: December)

This is what has been sucking most of my time lately.  We’re buying a foreclosure.  It’s intense, and I’m tired of writing about it, but here’s an update.

Our financing fell through because apparently you can’t have two FHA loans at the same time.

1.  We didn’t know we currently have an FHA loan.  2.  We didn’t know you can’t have two at the same time.  3.  Then, we had to find conventional financing which made us start all over.  4.  I’m about to give up.  5.  We should officially know again in about a week if the new financing goes through.  6.  I don’t even care anymore…except I keep lusting over design websites….so maybe I still care a little.

7.  Really help out a stranger.  Or someone I know.  Just help out another person in a big way. (Deadline: December)

I’ve been looking around my life for someone to help.  I’ve found a few people, but we’re still looking for the best way to help them.

8.  Tithe every month.

We’ve tithed every month this so far, and this item has shocking results.

I’m working on a post about how it changed our lives.  Because it has.  I’m up for a raise at work, and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny already got a raise.  Coincidence?  I don’t know, but I am working on a post about it– because I was the most skeptical giver ever.

9.  Eat low carb for a month.  (March)

I did this and lost 10 pounds!  Yay!  I need to do it again.

10.  Sew something I can wear outside of the house (Deadline: September)


11.  Make a podcast (Deadline: August)


12.  Run a 10K or more.  (Deadline: October)


13.  Wake up early for an entire month.  Early means 6:00…a.m.  (February) I picked February for this– because it’s a short month.  And I HATE mornings.

I never did this.  I’m moving it to July, but I may dump it out of my bucket entirely.


Overall, I’m doing okay.  I’m going to focus on the e-book this month.  Maybe I can write a chapter to start with?

If you want to make progress on your goals, it’s not too late to make a bucket list.  Since we’re halfway through the year maybe you could make a half-bucket list?

If you made goals for this year, how are they going?

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Blogging for a Year: Was it Successful?

Happy one year anniversary to PinkandRick. com!

The blog has changed a lot from the beginning.  I started it as a way to complain about my dogs.  Check out my first post here.

It’s kind of morphed into a goals and finances and house blog, but it will always be a crazy dog blog.

I really didn’t start this blog because of my crazy dogs.  I started it because I love to write.  I love to write like Pink and Rick love to eat poison.  I love to write like this cowboy loves to dance.

Everyone has something they love to do.  It’s a quiet calling in each of our hearts/souls/gooey places.  However, sometimes the goal feels too big.  Sometimes our callings are too scary, so we ignore them.  Truth is, the only way I could even begin to get past my fear of public writing is to write about something else.  By writing about my dogs, I was able to take the pressure off myself.  That way, if my blog sucked, I could blame it on my crazy dogs, not that I just wasn’t good enough.

But here’s what I think: there is no success and there is no failure.  Everyone defines it differently.  So, today I’m declaring as a success.  I got 190 views in one day with this post, which means more people than my mom read this blog.  Or, my mom just clicked on it a lot that day.  Either way, success.

You deserve success in your life, too.  Declare it.  Are you great at your job?  Do you have a wonderful relationship?  Do you have great kid(s)?  Did you make someone smile today?  Then you’re a success.

We’ve all made it.  So today, celebrate.  You deserve to feel successful.

Pink and Rick feel successful every day.  Here’s proof.

photo food search


How Much We Paid For Our New Foreclosure + Pics + A Wild Party?

Here’s the post I’ve been waiting to write for weeks!  The contract and the loan look like they are going to go through, so we are just weeks away from closing on our first foreclosure.  Now it’s time to break out the wild and crazy pictures of this house– and you’ll find out why we snagged her for so cheap.

Meet the pool house:

pool hosue 4

What’s up with the half painted columns? Maybe someone needed a sandwich and never came back.

She’s a quirky minx who spent too much time partying the past couple years.  She’s stayed up so late, she lost most of her flooring.  She’s been to so may bars her paint is smeared.  She’s so hung over… even her cabinets turned a sickly shade of green.

pool house 3 pixlr

Yep, that’s me with a bucket of bleach/paint.  I just realized I forgot to draw a mouth.  I have one in real life, so just use your imagination.  But, my cartoon hair is a pretty accurate representation of my real-life crazy mop.

We scored this party girl for $46,500.  So exciting!  Now we’re going to take her through rehab for the next 3-6 months.  And what we can’t do ourselves, we’re hiring a contractor for.  Like fixing this water leak on the subfloor.

pool house 5

I promise it’s a water leak.  Apparently, one of the realtors or inspectors cut the main water on and didn’t realize the bathtub faucet was open.

This leak is the main reason we were able to score this party girl for so cheap.  Or maybe she’s not a girl at all but a fraternity boy who was in the middle bath tub Olympics.

We’re looking at putting about $10,000 into the house almost automatically.  After about 5,000 in closing costs means we’re in it for around $60,000.  Hopefully if we sell our house for a profit, then we will be closer to our ultimate goal… living in a paid for home.  Cha ching!

This doesn’t factor in any closing costs we will have to pay on our current house.  Or any surprise repairs.  So, it’s basically the most optimistic number ever.

But, it’s totally worth it to have this…

pool house 1

Why didn’t I show you inside the pool?  There’s a dead body.  Just kidding!  Hopefully…

I can’t wait to show you the progress!

Why I called police… and may become a surrogate

Me to policeman, “hi, my name is Kelsie, I live in your town and we locked ourselves out of our house.”

Policeman, “you need to call a locksmith.”

“Do you have a number I can call?  I’ve looked through the google machine, and there isn’t any listed in town.”


Me, “well, the biggest problem is, that we were cooking dinner, and we left our oven on.”

Policeman, “unless you want us to kick the door down, there’s nothing we can do.”

Me, “did I mention our oven is on, and we can’t find a number to call?”

Policeman, “yes, you did.”

Me, “okay, have a nice day.”

After I made a few unanswered phone calls to locksmiths and tried to break into the window, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny found his tool box.  We broke into our own house by unbolting the storm door hinges, and, luckily, the inside door was unlocked.

Also, dinner was saved.  Pink and Rick were excited about that.

photo pxilr

DINNER!!! I hope it’s hot dogs again. Wait, we’re hot dogs…

This week was insane.  We’re trying to buy a foreclosure, and we’ve already made so many mistakes.  We’re hanging on this house by our teeth.

photo (2) pixlr

When we made a bid on our house, our realtor asked what kind of loan we were getting.  We said, “huh? We want a bank loan.”

She said, “what kind of bank loan?  Most people do FHA when buying this type of foreclosure.”

We said, “that works for us”

What we didn’t know: an FHA loan requires we come up with money to cover the closing costs, the down payment, an escrow account with an entire year’s taxes and home insurance, also money for a repair escrow account.

For a grand total of…$10,000.

Now we’re brainstorming ideas to find $10,000.  Like looking in the couch cushions, eating ramen, or selling Pink and Rick.  I looked on Craigslist, and I could be a surrogate.  Do they pay up front for that?  Or do you have to deliver the baby before you get the check?

I need to watch Juno again.

Our only hope (besides carrying another person’s baby) is the bank will increase our loan to cover the repair escrow account.  This would cut the amount of cash we owe by half… and we have enough in savings for that.

Until we find out, I’m going to follow Pink’s lead and find a bush to hide under.

photo (1) pixlr

So, the question of the day is, do you think Pink will let me share his hiding spot with him?

Or, maybe, how much money would it take for you to be a surrogate?