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How to Buy a Foreclosure…With a Pool!

… well, we haven’t quite bought it yet, but we are under contract on a foreclosure with a pool.

So far, the process has gone okay…ish.

Backstory.  This house was put on the market as a foreclosure two months ago.  We didn’t put in an offer.  It was a steal, so someone snapped it up.  Then, for months we kicked ourselves.  Dang, selves!

Well, then one of the realtors or inspectors turned on the water main and left.  This caused the bathtub to overflow. Water leaked onto the subfloor.  This scared the original buyer, so she backed out.  The house went back on the market.  So, presto, changeo we jumped on it.

Step 1: We put in an offer.  Our realtor said offers are usually accepted up to 7% off the asking price. We subtracted 7% from the asking price and made the offer.

Step 2: Our offer was accepted.  Our realtor was right!  But… maybe we should have offered a little less.  Dang selves!

Step 3:  We got prequalified for a loan.

Step 4:  We signed the house contract.

Step 5- Step Infinity:  We’re trying to please the selling entity.  So far they’ve needed a contract, earnest money, a loan prequalification letter, a notarized statement with our signatures, and a new loan prequalification letter with the new houses address on it.

At the same time, we’re trying to please the bank.  So far they’ve needed to know everything about us including what we ate for dinner.  Pork chops, okay?!  Alright, alright, it was hot dogs again…don’t judge.

Step Infinity and Beyond:  We continue trying to please the bank and the selling entity.


But Pink and Rick are happy.  See what they did when we told them?

pink and rick happy 2

What happy news is circulating around your house lately?


My Dog Dances Like This Cowboy

This post was about a dancing cowboy video I shot during karaoke night.

Then, it was going to be about my dog’s booty bounce.

Then, I realized they both know how to get their grove/booty pop/wobble on.  I think they’ve been practicing together.

Check out this video.  I call it Ice Ice Ricky.

Happy Hump Day!  Literally.  Now let’s go dance!


Remember This Freshman Year of College Ritual?

You may have noticed something… I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately.  Which is crazy, because I love this place.

I wasn’t going to say anything, because I read a blog post once about big mistakes people make, and one is telling your readers you are too busy to write.  And, I couldn’t say that anyway, because it’s a lie.  I wasn’t too busy.

After, hundreds, no thousands, of my loyal readers wrote to me and asked me why I wasn’t writing (okay, okay, like one person mentioned it over lunch).  I just wanted to let you in on the big secret.

I’m creatively drained. I feel like this picture of Pink.

photo (4)

I’m work at a college, and I’ve been designing, shooting, and editing their New Student Orientation program.  Remember that thing you went to freshman year of college?  You were so nervous you spent weeks picking out an outfit then put a gray hoodie over it?  Then, for the next four years your student id outfit was you in a gray hoodie?

Well, my college’s orientation program is headed to the internets.  No more grey hoodies.  Here’s two of segments I designed.  I loved every minute of the process, but I’m exhausted.  Hope you like them.  Most of all, I hope you’re ready for me and Pink and Rick and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny to be back in full force.  Which will be hopefully next week!

Check out the crazy video cube in this one!

Watch for the awesome white board action!

I still have some small revisions to make, but this will give you a good idea of where I’ve been the past month.

Have you been swamped by any projects lately?


New Cousin or a New Snack?

I want to welcome a new family member. Our new nephew dog and Pink and Rick’s cousin.  Introducing… Gus!

Here we are together.  I chose this one because I like my hair... just don't look at my crazy eyes!

Here we are together.  We’re in love.  I chose this one because I like my hair… but maybe I should have put on makeup.

Gus is a Vizsla Puppy.  Eventually, he will be a bird dog, but right now he just spends his days looking like an old man and eating sticks.

photo (7)

Doesn’t he look like he’s a grumpy old man who wants a cigar?

photo (11)

Pink and Rick met Gus for the first time over Easter Weekend.  We weren’t sure how it would go, because… I didn’t want Gus to get eaten.

You see, Rick is still a little chunky.  Every time we take him anywhere people say, “Whoa, Rick.”  And he pretty much eats everything.  So, I got a little scared he would look at Gus and see a copper colored chew toy.

Luckily, all they did was sniff each other. But, I think Rick licked his lips.

photo (5)

Everyone’s reaction made us think, “how much does Rick weigh?”  Well, we placed bets and whoever was closest… would have their odds forever in Rick’s favor (Hunger Games, anyone?  Let’s just hope Rick never goes to the Hunger Games.  I don’t think he’d last past the cornucopia).

photo (12)

My brother had to do the heavy lifting. I’m not sure if he’s smiling or grimacing.

Take a guess, how much do you think Rick weighs?

I gave him the benefit of the doubt and guessed 98 pounds.

photo (9)

Victory Pic!

Drum roll… he weighs in at 107.  My sister Beth guessed it exactly!  She’s a dog weight whisperer.

Rick’s climb into triple digits means he has to go on a diet– even though he didn’t eat Gus.  He probably thought Gus would be too much work for too little meat.  I get like that with crab.

Did you weigh any of your pets/family members this Easter?!?