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Low Carb Diet Results and A Giant Swan


I went to my sister’s house this weekend.  We had a jam packed family extravaganza, including an awesome dress up party…


Doesn’t my sis look like Kate Middleton?


My dad and bro-in-law hat bonding

We also met some GIANT, TERRIFYING swans.


I’m pretending to be a swan so he doesn’t destroy me

And… the milk exploded in my sisters fridge.  So, we helped clean it up.

A wild milk cleaning party!

A wild milk cleaning party!

It was lots of fun.  But, I fell off the wagon with my low-carb diet plan.  Let me back up and tell you how it’s been going.



I did great for the first two weeks using the South Beach Diet.  Unfortunately, I fell off the low-carb wagon this weekend.  That giant swan made me do it. I ate a bunch of carbs.  I’m not going to tell you how much, because it’s embarrassing.  But, now I’m getting back on the wagon.  Well, I’m at least holding on to a wheel.

The South Beach Diet is split into three phases.  Phase 1 is only lean protein and veggies.  It lasts for two weeks.  I was very strict with Phase 1.  I followed it completely (except for one night at a party, but I’m not going to think about that!).  During Phase 1, I lost eight pounds!  It was awesome. I also learned a ton.  I learned protein is a rock star!  It kept me full all day.

Phase 1, helped me jump start my weight loss, but it wasn’t fun.  It made me a crazy person. I dreamed of carbs.  I could taste ice cream   I couldn’t go to the grocery store without getting depressed.  Also, I didn’t have as much energy as I usually do.  But, I didn’t get hungry, so I guess that’s the trade off.

Now, I’m on Phase 2-ish.  I’ve cut down on carbs significantly, but I haven’t been perfect, either.  I’ve gained a pound because of my bad behavior last weekend. So, I’m officially at seven pounds down.  I have a long way to go, but overall I give the South Beach Diet a couple thumbs up.  It’s not fun, but it works and you don’t feel hungry.  I’m thinking about going back to Phase 1 to get the rest of my “I can eat like my husband” weight off.

How are your diet plans going?!  I’d love to hear some tips.  And, have you ever seen a giant swan like that before?!?

Pink and Rick Fetch-ish

Here’s an awesome video of two husky puppies.  They have come up with a brand new way to play fetch.  It’s a combo of dog gladiators and puppy wrestling  Hopefully, this will be a fun way to start your week!

This project took me waaaaaay longer than I expected.  But, I finally did it.  Whew!

I’m working on how to make iPhone video look good. So, you’ll have to overlook the quality!  But, I did figure out how to make an intro.  I made it in Flash.  It’s pretty elementary, but Pink and Rick said it would work for now.

Next, maybe I can make them a theme song.   Because all dogs need a theme song, right?  Any ideas on a song that would be good?  I’m thinking something that includes destruction.

January Bucket List Update!

Hey all!  Here’s a monthly update on how my bucket list is going.  I’d love to hear how your goals are coming.  Please let  me know!  Or else, I’ll come looking for you…and your goals.


This dog has nothing to do with this post. But I met her in Nashville. Her name is Lady. She’s half lab. Half weiner dog. Full hilarious.


A big thanks to her owner, who didn’t know me at all, for letting me take tons of pictures.

1. Write and publish and an ebook.  (Deadline: June)

I haven’t started.

2.  Make a monthly video (Ongoing.  First deadline: January 31)

I didn’t do this.  But, I will in February.   

3.  Sew something I can wear outside of the house (Deadline: September)

I haven’t started.

4.  Make a podcast (Deadline: August)

I haven’t started. 

5.  Keep my car clean for a month.  I’m tired of riding around in a trash can on wheels.  So are my passengers!!! Don’t judge me.  Or do.  Either way is okay.  (January)

I’m calling this a success!  My car stayed cleanish all month.  The only thing I have in it is a rogue DVD.  And maybe a hair brush.  And maybe a quarter and a penny.  This is why I put an ish at the end of clean. 

This month, I scavaged my world for trash cans.  I found a trash can at work I can throw my morning trash in.  I found the trash cans at the mall.  I found trash cans at restaurants.  And I found my own trash can.  It was where I thought it was.  Inside my house.  I started using it. 

6.  Wake up early for an entire month.  Early means 6:00…a.m.  (February) I picked February for this– because it’s a short month.  And I HATE mornings.

I’m switching this goal to March.  Because we started goal number 13 this month. 

7.  Run a 10K or more.  (Deadline: October)

I haven’t started.

8.  Finish P90X.  (I started this a couple weeks ago) (Deadline: March)

We’re still working on this one.  We’ve completed seven weeks so far.  Watch out triceps. 

9.  Do something really nice and for Mr. We’ve Had them Since They Were Tiny. (Deadine: July)

I haven’t started this. 

10.  Pay off 40K on our house (Ongoing).

We paid off $1,000 last month.  Progress is progress.  Except when it’s slow.  Then it’s slogress. 

11.  Really help out a stranger.  Or someone I know.  Just help out another person in a big way. (Deadline: December)

Haven’t started. 

12.  Tithe every month.  Ugh.  This one hurts, because I’m not a cheerful giver yet.  But, I’m working on it.  (Ongoing)

We tithed in January.  One month down! 

13.  Eat low carb for a month.  (March)

We switched this goal to February, and we started the South Beach Diet.  So far, I’ve lost four pounds and Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny has lost nine.  Pretty good!  But I’m craving a pizza and some ice cream, bad. 

The worst part was this weekend, we went to a couples night, a surprise party, and to a friends house for the super bowl.  Trying to eat low carb at a party is like trying to put a snake in your pants.  I have no idea where that analogy came from.  But, it’s accurate.  Trust me. 

14.  Invest in something besides retirement.  I’m not sure what this will be, but I have been reading investment books, and I feel like I should try something. (Deadline: December)

We tried to do this.  But our deal fell through.  Well, we backed out.  Here’s why we backed out of a $14,000 rental house. 

I’m still looking out for investments, and I have another idea in mind.  I’ll flush it out and get back to you. 

We’re a month into the beautiful new year.  How are your goals?