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Why We Gave Up a $14,000 House

We aren’t getting a rental house.  Remember how I was so excited?  I couldn’t stop talking about galloping?!?

Well, it’s official.  At 8:00 this morning, we terminated our contract with the bank.  I’m pretty heart broken.


Goodbye ugly house.

Why did we make the decision to let go of our first affordable rental property?

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We’re having our first…

Rental house!!!  You know, some girls want babies, some want BMW’s, some want boob jobs?  I want ugly houses.  And shoes.  And big diamonds.

Mostly, just ugly houses.  I love uglies. I just want to give them hugs and gallop around them until they shine.  Because galloping always helps.

Here she is:


I’m naming her Princess Pixie Sticks.  P.P. Sticks for short.

How did this happen?

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December Mortgage Pay Off Update

I’m dreading writing this post.  But, it has a happy ending so hang on!

Here goes.  December got away from us.  Far away.  Between, Christmas, a bachlorette party in New Orleans…

Rick has a store in NOLA!

…and a bachelor party for Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny in Vegas.  (I don’t have any pictures.  We may not want to see them anyway!)

So, we didn’t pay down our mortgage at all.  Nada. Nothing.  Not a cent.  And, we stopped our momentum.  This is the worst, because keeping momentum is critical to succeeding at goals.

However, I’m not going to sulk, because equally important to momentum, is being able to restart your goal.  I learned this last week from Michael Hyatt’s Podcast.  He says the most important part of being successful at a goal… is being able to restart when you fail.  It’s normal to fall down.  You should expect it.  The important part, is getting back up.

We are restarting our goal.  And, I’ve got a plan to get momentum.  Here it is:

We’re going to put $50 from each of our paychecks in a savings account.  The savings account is called our TIGGS account. This account will be used to pay for five things:

1. Trips:  Clearly, we need a fund for this.

2. Insurance:  Ugh, I hate this one! It always comes around and punches you in the bank account when you’re ready to do something fun.

3. Gifts:  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries.

4. Grooming:  Hair cuts, highlights, nails (I haven’t gotten my nails done in FOREVER.  Maybe that could change with this account?).

5. Small Surprises:   We have an emergency fund for big expences, but we can use this account for small stuff: a.k.a. when we’re about to overdraft our checking account.
Simple, right?  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier.

Basically, it’s just a lazy way of budgeting.  We don’t budget.  Because we’re lazy.  We just live off Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny’s paycheck and invest/save my paycheck.   The checks go into different accounts so we never see mine.

Yeah, it’s lazy, but it works for us.  Except, when we needed some TIGGS money.  So hopefully, that will be solved now.

Do you have a special account like our new TIGGS account?

If you want to read more on our goal to pay off our mortgage click here.  Also, please follow pinkandrick if you have time.  Just click on the join this site button on the left.  Thanks!

Go Fake: Stained Glass Art

Check out my faux stained glass art.  It’s like stained glass.  Without the glass.  All the shine.  None of the risk.  Yep, I made fake glass safe.

I had the BEST time making this.  It was so much fun. But, I still can’t decide if I like it.  So, I need you to check it out.  Please?

It has INCREDIBLE texture.  I’m a texture freak.  When I go shopping, I touch everything.  It’s why I never get sick, because I can’t stop pawing everything.
Here’s how I made it.

I got a canvas.  Painted it brown.  Then put tape on it in geometrical shapes… with a monogram in the middle.
Then I spread wall puddy all over the canvas.
I pulled up the tape while the puddy was wet.  This was the best part.  So fun.  So messy.  So awesome.

Then I sanded off the rough chunks.  I used my car…as a table.  Sorry, Dad!

Then I painted, varnished, and put some polyurethane on top.  Presto!  It is done.  It has layers.  and textures and awesomeness.

However, I still think there is something not quite right about it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have painted the canvas a dark color at the beginning?  So it wouldn’t have contrasted so much with the light colors?  I don’t know.

But, I love touching it.

So next time you come over, touch my stained glass.  It’s fake.

What do ya thinks?  Be honest, just not too honest.  p.s. you can check out a few other of my strange touchable projects here.

How I Failed at my 2013 Bucket List–Already

My first, immediate challenge is to keep my car clean for a month.  Well, everything was going well.  First, I cleaned out my car.  It was so dirty; I’m not going to post a before picture.  Here’s an almost done picture.

It was clean. Gloriously clean for the first time ever.

Until…Pink and Rick dug out of the backyard.  My neighbor rang the doorbell and said, “do you know your dogs are out?”  I ran down the road.  I called and chased them.  They started running farther away.  Then, I ran back to my house and got in my car.  When I finally tracked them down, it was too far to drag them back to the house. So, I put their wet, muddy, and smelly selves in the back of my clean car.

Rick made me pick him up

 They liked it.

Dude, where’s my car?

They wanted to drive.

We can’t help being backseat drivers.

Now their muddy dog nasties are all over my back seat.

Yep, that’s pepper spray.

I want to punch them and laugh at them.  Mostly punch.

I’m only one day into my new goal, and it’s ruined.  This makes me want to scrap my entire Bucket List.  I think I probably would…except, I already put it on my blog.  I have accountability.

Which is one of five ways you accomplish goals.

1.  Accountability.  Tell someone you know will expect you to finish.

2.  Know something will go wrong.  I thought this goal was going to be easy.  I underestimated it.  I won’t do that again.

3.  Take responsibility.  True confessions. This whole thing is my fault. After I got home from work, the dogs were in the backyard being good.  I knew they wanted to play ball, but I was tired.  So, I was lazy instead of playing with them.  If I would have played with them, they wouldn’t have broken out, and I wouldn’t have had to put them in my car.

It’s hard to admit that.  I want to blame my broken goal on my dogs.  And I still do.  But I’ve got to take some responsibility.

Goals suck and dogs suck and I suck.

4.  Get back on that goal

I’m going to clean out my car, again.  Watch out goal.  You’re still getting beat.  Mostly because my car smells disgusting.

5.  Find out what to do better next time.  I’m going to get and old sheet for the back of my car for the next time.  Because there will be a next time, unfortunately.  Probably really soon.

Have you had trouble with your New Years Bucket List or Resolutions…already?