Next Big Goal: Watch Out Mortgage!

Since we finished last month’s challenge: No Sugar September, I thought I’d tell you about our next big challenge… paying off our mortgage!

You know how some people want the latest car?  Some want the fanciest phone?  Some want to go on luxurious trips?  Well.  I want all of those things, too.  I really want them!  But I want something else more.  I want a paid for house.

I don’t even know why I want this.  I’m not an extremely frugal person.  I don’t coupon.  I don’t recycle rain water (although I’m probably going to have to start doing all this!)

I think my biggest motivator is how BIG of a challenge this is.  I love big, near impossible challenges.  Also it’s been about nine months since we got done paying off my student loans.  Since then, we haven’t been as intentional with our money as we should be.

We have to force money where to go.  Without a goal, getting money to work is pretty impossible.  We all work too hard to let money slip through our fingers and it will because money is a slick sucker.  Money is kinda like the stages of water.  It starts out like ice, falling in chunks into your bank account, then it turns to water, flowing out to bills and creditors, and before you can stop it, it turns to steam and disappears.

We’re going to be like Pink and Rick who aren’t afraid to make water work for them.  We’re going to make our money work for us.

So for the next few posts, I’m going to tell you how we got ready for this big challenge and how long it will take us to finish (if we don’t give up waaaayyy before then).

Have you ever tried a big money challenge?  I’d love to hear!

6 thoughts on “Next Big Goal: Watch Out Mortgage!

    1. Kelsie Fannon

      Glad you came over Brie! I can’t wait to hear how paying off your student loans go. We just finished doing that. It’s not fun, but it feels so good when it’s over. I just checked out your blog. Love your new shelf!!!

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