tRick or Treat! Cheapest Pet Costumes Ever.

Happy Halloween!  This year, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since We were Tiny and I dressed up as Honey Boo Boo and the Tooth Fairy.

Yes, my shirt says “You better Redneckognize.”  Yes, I made it myself.  No, it’s not my best work.

We got engaged three years ago on Halloween .. it only took me three years to see him in a skirt!  I’m a proud lady.

Here’s a close up of our tutus.  Check out my pageant socks.

Side note:  while we were dressing up, Pink and Rick were playing tRicks.  They had a Let’s Eat Insulation Party!

Nothing says full bellies like fiberglass
Back to the story:  my Honey Boo Boo T-Shirt made me think.  What else can I do with t-shirts and paint?  Besides a 90’s sweatsuit decorated with a puff paint snowman… Remember those?!
 I didn’t think Pink or Rick could fit in a sweatshirt so… Instead, I made the cheapest dog Halloween costumes in HISTORY.  Meet Super Pink and Super Rick.
We’ll slobber on your face until you cry…Ricky.  

The shirts made them think they had super powers.  They attacked each other.  While I took pictures.

I’m going to eat that t-shirt off of you!  Tastes like bacon. 

Then the eventually settled down and modeled like men.

How much longer do we have to wear these?  Our heads barely fit in the holes.  
What are you up to for Halloween?   I’d love to see your costumes/activities.  Maybe you could post a link in the comments?

Get on Board With a Tough Plan

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Now… on with today’s post…

Do you have trouble getting on board with a new idea?

A new idea looks so shiny at first.  It gleams and sparkles– you think you’re the only with such an amazing idea.  It’s genious.  It’s brilliant— then…

You realize you have to DO the new plan.  This happened to me this weekend.  Our plan to pay off our mortagage in the next eighteen months… got real.

I turned into Rick.  Rick is my hundred pound puppy who can’t get in the back of the truck.  He puts his feet on the tailgate.  But, he’s just vertical dead weight.

Like Rick’s dead weight, I bought the paper and got ready to rebound from my coupon fail.  But I was miserable.  Slowly pawing through the paper looking to clip a good deal.

Then, I started making excuses, like, “this won’t help that much.”  I turned into Pink.  He’s my eighty pound puppy who acts like he’s never seen truck before.  He just walks around like, “well I liked the idea at first, but it’s not going to work for me.”

At a certain point.  An idea gets real.  Then, you realize that it’s work.  Our real work has started.  We’re strategizing, couponing, and…thinking about budgeting!

We’re straining and lifting to get ourselves on board with the plan.  Just like how Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny gets the puppies in the truck.

So even though I was hesitant, I clipped and I planned. I’m ready to attack with my coupons.  Watch out!!!

I’m going to be like Hannah.  She’s the puppies mom.  We left the truck door open, and she climbed in.  I think she’s actually smiling!  This week, I’m just going to be like her and jump on board, again!

See, I can do it!

Are you trying to get on board with a new plan?  How’s it going?

My Big Fail at Couponing

One way we are  going to pay off the house is to start couponing.  I jumped into coupon world this weekend.

It was scary!  I think couponers have a secret club.  Like, there’s a code word and a secret handshake.

I was nervous when I checked out.  I asked the cashier, “when do I give you these?” as I slowly slid my printable coupons to her.  I intensely stared at her.  I squinted my eyes, daring her to tell me no.

She said, “after I ring up your groceries, ma’am.”  I didn’t want her to forget that I had them, so I propped them up on her register so they would stare at her too.  It worked.

But, I need to rewind—

I wanted to start small in couponing world. So, I focused on one store, Walmart (I plan to try other stores in the next few weeks!).

Here’s how I got the coupons:

Step 1: Downloaded the Walmart App on my phone.
Step 2:  “Clipped my coupons” from the app.  The app allows you to select coupons you want then email them to yourself.
Step 3: Printed the coupons from my email.
From the title of this post, you know I failed.  Here’s how:
1.  Forgetting to bring the coupon.  I needed cheese for soup we wanted to make.  I clipped the cheese coupon.  I printed the cheese coupon.  And I left it at home.  Bleh.  My fail!
2.  Buying something because you have a coupon.  I knew to watch out for this! But, I succumbed to the coupon trap anyway!  I bought two boxes of name brand cereal with a coupon, then realized it was still cheaper to buy my regular generic brand. But, I worked so hard to get my coupon.  So I kept the fancy breakfast buy.

Side note: My best buy?  I got six dollars off these razors!

3.  Total Chaos.  It is so tough to keep track of these slippery slips.  I couldn’t remember which ones I decided to use and which I needed to toss.  Also, I couldn’t find the ones I needed for the section I was shopping in.
4.  Spending more.  The worst fail?  I spent double.  Ahh…. Usually I can look at my cart and estimate how much I’m going to spend.  However, with the coupons, the math was complicated.  And some of my coupons required I buy two items.  Bleh.
After we checked out, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny said, “we’ve got a long way to go before we’re extreme couponers.”
This was a fail.  However, I was pretty sure it would be.  I’ve never succeeded at anything the first time.  I had a glimmer of hope that I would be the next coupon prodigy, but, alas, I will not save the world from a full priced evil dictator…But, watch out dictator…after I learn the system, I’m going to be a coupon boss!!!

Have you ever had a coupon fail?

How to Stay Married For 33 Years–And Love It!

In honor of my parents’ anniversary last weekend, I made them take this survey.  It’s very scientific, as you will see. They inspire me every day. Check out their great example of how to keep a relationship going through highs and lows.  They are best friends and still so in love. 

I put my questions and comments in italics and my parents (Bob and Nancy) in regular font.  

1. Married for 33 years, right? 


2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found out about each other? 

All things considered, Bob would rather drive an old car than a new car.  I love the smell of gasoline, but I’m not a car lover.  

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob? 

I’m pretty sure Bob is neither.  If I have to pick, I’m Team Edward.  

4. Team Peeta or Team Gail?  

Who?????  Just kidding.  Haven’t seen Hunger Games.  

(I should probably tell them The Hunger Games were books first.)

5. When did you meet? Was it love at first sight? 

We met through mutual friends, I was 17, Bob was 19.  Probably was not love at first sight. Bob said it was love at first sight, but he was just trying to get brownie points. 

6. Who’s your favorite child?  


(None of their children are named Chris.  They are either being cute or having early memory loss.)

7. What’s the toughest time you’ve been through?  

We have three healthy, safe children….so everything else is just stuff.  However, the loss of my Mom and sister were really bad times.  

8. What would you tell a couple to do who is struggling? 

That one is tough.  There are all types of struggles.  I want to say just keep working on the marriage and don’t quit because so many times divorce just brings more problems.  However, there are exceptions.

9. How do you keep your relationship fresh? (PLEASE KEEP THIS PG. DON’T 

Bob has a great wink.  


10. What do you wish you’d have done differently? 

I feel like I was too tense while the kids were growing up.  They turned out great.  I shouldn’t have worried so much.

11. Looking back, what are you glad you did?  

Stayed married

12. Come on, who’s REALLY your favorite kid?  


(Alex is also NOT one of their children’s names.  The memory loss is worsening)

13. What big challenge(s) are you facing now?

At this stage, we worry about our kids and parents.   We have had some really big challenges at work this year (Bob works long hours, and I have a project at work that has not permitted vacation time).  Hopefully, this will be changing during the next few months.  

14. How do you fit two full time jobs, three kids, and a strong marriage in 24 hours a day?  
Not very well some days.  We heard somewhere that the true heroes are the people that get up and go each day.  Just keep trying.

15. What’s the best way to get through a fight? 

 I am silent while slamming a few doors (real mature, huh).  Your Dad has learned to not ask me what is wrong, when I know he knows what is wrong.  We eventually talk it out.  

(this was funny to hear.  I take after my mom during fights.  I didn’t know that was genetic!)

16. What is ONE thing you’ve been meaning to tell each other— that you never have. (come on, dig deep, but DON’T GET GROSS!)  
After 33 years, I need some pretty heavy equipment to dig deep enough to think of something I haven’t told your Dad.  I’ll keep thinking.  We are pretty boring.

17. Besides an amazing middle daughter (me), what’s kept you together?  

Love and prayer.  Plus, I’ve got to stay around to see what trick your Dad might try to pull next.  

18. What should people know –that I didn’t ask about?  

Married couples should try to laugh together as much as possible.  Those 3 kids and 2 son-in-laws help with that.

My favorite answer is number 14.  I agree that true heroes just keep going every day.  See, we can all be heroes if we just keep trying!  Thanks mom and dad for filling this out!  And thanks for the great example of a strong marriage.  

What is your best piece of relationship advice?  

Planning for a Paid for Home: Part 3

The down and dirty of paying off our house.

I told you about how we got started.  I told you about what we’ve done recently.  Now, here’s the nitty gritty: how we’re actually going to do it.

1.  Live off one salary.

This part is the worst.  We did it when we paid off my student loans.  Did I say it’s the worst?

I think it’s so hard, because we live of my husband’s salary and we pay debt with mine.  So sometimes it makes me feel like I’m working full-time…but not getting paid.  To make it through, I’m going to focus on the goal and remember that we are blessed to both have jobs.

Here are the steps we took, to make this easier.  

  • My husbands check (the one we’re living off) goes into a checking account that we use to, well… live off.
  • My check goes into a money market… that we don’t live off.
  • We will send a monthly, extra principal check out of the money market.
  • We will not look at the money market account.
  • I will cover the money market account with my hand when I see it on our online banking screen.  Because sometimes I hear it screaming, “let me out!”

2.  Use extra dollars–above our salaries–to pay off house.

Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny is a new salesman for his company.  He may get a bonus next year.  We don’t know how how much it will be, because this is his first year as a salesman, but he’s already agreed to throw it at the house (not literally, of course).

I’m going to start couponing, or maybe I’ll figure out a way to sell stuff on ebay or craigslist.  I haven’t flushed out this plan yet, but I’ll let you know.

3. Set a timeline.

Since we don’t know what extra money we will get, it’s hard to put a timeline on our goal.  Best-case-we-get-a-money-miracle-scenario?  We will finish in eighteen months.  Worst-case-life-happens-like-it-always-does? Three years.  I probably need to remind you that we bought a TINY house, and it used to be filled with cats. And we actually still call it the cat house (see picture below)  So our mortgage is small!

4. Have as much fun as possible.

I’m way more successful if I turn things into a game.  So I made some posters!  I converted our total mortgage into percentage points.  Then, I made ten posters one for each group of ten percentages (100%-90%, 90%-80%…).  Here’s a picture of the 70%-60%.

When we get into the sixty percent left range… I’ll start coloring this poster in.  For now, I have all ten hung inside a closet door.  It’s kind of terrifying.  That’s a lot of cat heads.

Do you have an suggestions?  Where would you start?

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