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Full of Shih Tzu

So, I was mistaken.  I thought when we got the dogs neutered they would shape up.  But no.  They did a big bad nasty thing this weekend.  They dug a deep hole underneath our fence.  And escaped.


The neighbors said they found Pink and Rick in their backyard playing with their new Shih Tzu.  Can you imagine finding two hundred pound pooches in your backyard!  Unfortunately, I can…

Plus, the neighbor’s Shih Tzu isn’t cute.  It looks like a dirty mop.  So now, I have to worry about their taste in playmates…and their digging habits. 

Here’s Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny fixing the hole.  With stakes.  Now the dogs won’t be able to get out and vampires won’t be able to get in.  He’s also threatening to put an electric fence around our yard.  Pretty sure that means we would shock the neighbor kids.  Which means we would go to some sort of electricity prison.

While the fence was undergoing reconstructive surgery, the dogs hid behind me. 

They got a stern talking to.  Check out Pink, he’s saying, “I surrender, have mercy good sir!”

No dogs were harmed *yet* in the making of this message. 

So, my dreams of having well behaved, neutered dogs are gone.  But at least we won’t be having any Shih Tzu/lab mix puppies. 

Ahhhhh Nuts! When Life Changing Decisions Sting

This week we made a life changing decision for Pink and Rick.  We cut off their reproductive abilities.  Now, Pink and Rick can no longer assist any female dogs in making puppies.  So, if you were thinking about ordering a little Pink or Rick, your out of luck because we didn’t freeze any of their special juice. Their “go go juice!” is gone.

Here’s Pink walking into the vet’s office.  If he only knew what was about to happen…

This makes me pretty excited. I’m no longer outnumbered. Now, out of the four people/dogs in our family, only one has nuts. So. I’m back in the majority. Where I belong.

In honor of my majority status, here are four tips for making life changing decisions.

1. Life changing decisions change your life. So do some forecasting. Will your life be better or worse if you make this decision? We decided leaving Pink and Rick with a wild streak would damage our lives/backyard/sanity significantly. However, making this decision wasn’t easy… for one of us.

2. Sometimes life changing decisions don’t feel good. Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny REALLY didn’t want the dogs to lose their man pride/dog pride. I’m not sure why…but he looked like he got punched in the face when we talked about it.   

3. Do you have the money? Most life changing decisions cost money. The vet charged us almost two hundred dollars. Woah. But it would have cost a lot more money to fix our fence if the dogs tore it down trying to get to some lady friends. Worth the investment. But you have to have the money to be able to make the decision.  We saved for a couple months to make sure we could afford the new decision before we striked (or snipped).

4. Celebrate! I’m celebrating Pink and Ricks bright, new future! If we didn’t do this living with them would be unbearable. Their dad wasn’t snipped for a very long time… like years. He started running off, chasing tail(s), and acting a fool.  I can’t live with that.  So, Pink and Rick’s future looks brighter. They are less likely to be homeless.

Here’s the deal with life changing decisions.  They hurt. They don’t feel good.  But most times they are good.   They give you a brighter future.

I need this lesson more than anyone.   I’m struggling with my recent job change.   I really like my new job, but I miss parts of my old one.   Now, I have better hours, I get paid more, I like my new coworkers, and I get to see Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny.  For the first time since we were married we work similar schedules.  So long term this change will be better.   But right now it stings.  Really stings.

I’m going to learn from Pink and Rick. After the sting wears off and their stitches are taken out, we will all have a brighter future.  Life is what you make it.  The dogs and I will have a good time wherever we are– it just won’t be as “nutty” as it used to be.

Have you made any life changing decisions lately?  Are you thinking about making any?

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Ghost or Tinkerbell? Check Out My Haunting Pics

Do you believe in ghosts?  Or spirits?  Or extraterrestrial camera flares?

I’m not sure what I think, but here are some strange pictures.

I take a ton of pictures for this blog.  My strategy is: keep snapping until I get a good one– or at least a not-so-blurry one.

I usually don’t look at the pictures until I go inside– because of the glare on my old school 3G Iphone.  But last week, while I was snapping away, I felt like I should check out the pictures.

Then, I saw this strange glow…

So I walked closer…

And closer…

And closer…

Then, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny said, “What are you doing?”  And I didn’t think he would understand if I said, “chasing Tinkerbell”…so I gave up and walked away.  Here’s the picture I snapped as I left.

Strange huh?  What do you think it is?  Please only respond with realistic answers.  Like a fairy.  Or a burp from a fire breathing dragon.  Or a tiny Paul Revere with a tiny lantern warning the British are coming.

It’s Our Birthday, We’ll Look Like Girls If We Want To!!!

Happy Birthday Pink and Rick!!!  Today is their first (or seventh?) Birthday. I got them party collars.  Don’t they look beautiful?

It’s hard to believe a year ago we found seven puppies and one mad momma dog in our backyard.

At first they were so sweet.  They loved to sleep like little polar bears…

And snuggle like chicken nuggets…

 They would even take naps…

And watch football games…

And now… they’re one year old and too busy to be sweet.  They’re busy tearing stuff up, and they never want to take naps or snuggle anymore.  I guess it’s official. I have to say hello to big dogs and goodbye to puppies.  
I’m getting good at goodbyes.  I’ve already said goodbye to my nice yard.  Good bye to trees.  Goodbye to a bicycle.  And, goodbye sleeping throughout the night.  
But I’ve said hello to a lot too.  Like hello to fun walks.  Hello to excited greetings when I come home.  Hello to having somewhere to take food scraps.  And, hello to having something to blog about!  

They bring a lot of fun to our house.  We never expected to have puppies, but now we can’t imagine not having them.  So, for their first birthday, I’ll just say “hello big dogs, happy birthday!”

13 Tips for a Great Family Holiday

With holiday season coming up, Pink and Rick worked on some tips to make sure your family time is a happy time.  Also, I wanted to post pictures from Labor Day because I promised my Aunt Maris! 
Here are some of Pink and Rick’s top tips for a good family celebration.
Tip 1:  Don’t let crazy weather ruin your holiday
Check out creepy Hurricane Isaac!   
Tip 2: Take a family picture
While we were waiting on Isaac to go away we took this family picture of the dogs.  From left to right, Harley, Pink, Rick, and Hannah.  We had to hold a treat under the camera to get them to act right.  Maybe you could use this trick for the kids in your family?!

Tip 3:  Find an activity everyone likes

After the storm Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny threw a duck toy for the dogs.  Maybe your family likes to play games, talk, or… eat (like mine), but find something everyone likes to do…or likes to chew on!

Tip 4: Find some good entertainment 

We went to the Razorback game!  Maybe this holiday season you can go bowling, to a movie, or watch some old home movies?

Tip 5:  Remember to laugh…at each other

Rick got stuck in the garage because the floors were so slick.  We laughed at his pain, isn’t that what families are supposed to do?

Tip 6:  Indulge your crazy relatives

This is my brother with his ridiculous potato gun.  I don’t know how to defend this creation.  Except, he’s in college to be an engineer, and he’s never hurt anyone.  Just himself occasionally.  And, he’s really smart and probably going to make triple what I do when he graduates.


Step 7:  Help clean up 

Pink and Rick smelled bad.  Really bad.  Like mud and sweat rolled around in some garbage.  So we took them to the river behind my parent’s house and my uncle helped soap them up.  We put them in the river to rinse!

Tip 8:  Have some fun!

Here’s Rick, the happiest puppy I know!

My beautiful and fun cousin Karissa!

Can you say water dogs?

We all joined!

Another family picture!

Tip 9:  Ignore relatives with an attitude.
 Notice who’s not in the group picture above?!?! Yep, it’s Pink.  He wouldn’t come out of the water.  So when your relative won’t get up from the TV, just ignore them.  And take a picture of them being stubborn… so you can laugh at them later. 

Tip 10: Don’t be afraid to break a few laws

Let’s get crazy this holiday season!  I’m officially endorsing trespassing!

Tip 11:  Make up a crazy dance 
This is my COMPLETELY SOBER dad doing the “kneesles” dance.  That’s a combination of knees and measles.  I promised him I wouldn’t post these pictures… but I lied.  There’s a song that goes with this dance.  I think it was… “I’ve got the kneesles, I’ve got the kneeseles, I’m infected and I need a vaccination!”
I think the crazy police are going kidnap me in my sleep…just for writing that. 

Here’s Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny watching the dance!

Tip 12: Show some love

My brother and Pink.  This picture makes me laugh out loud while I’m alone.  Pink’s body is hilarious.  How does it curve like that?!?! Is he made of jello?

My brother and Rick.  This picture didn’t go so well.  But, it’s equally hilarious.

Tip13:  Hit balls–not your family members

If all else fails, go to the driving range/batting cages.  This way you can take out your aggression.  And not go to jail!

So that’s it.  Pink and Rick wored really hard putting together that list.  Well, they worked hard eating a bowl of food a minute ago. 

Do you have any tips for having a fun family holiday?

No Sugar September: Dying to Eat (gummy) Bears and Worms

We are exactly eight days into September.  Usually, I don’t keep up with dates, but lately when people ask me what day it is, I want to scream, “It’s the eighth!  It’s ONLY THE EIGHTH!!!”

My “date rage” is because of a STUPID CHALLENGE Jared and I are doing called No Sugar September.  We’re torturing ourselves by cutting out all sugary foods from our diets. 

I’m completely addicted to sugar.  I live on sugar.  Technically, sugar and dairy.  I eat ice cream at least once a day.  I drink sugary coffee almost every day.  I drink cokes.  I love all types of candies, gummies, and chocolates.

And, if I’m not eating real sugar, I’m downing the artificial stuff.  Bring on the crazy rat mutations.  I’m ready for an ear on my back!!!

So, because  of my serious sugar problem I decided to quit cold turkey eight days ago–and I talked Jared into it too!  To document the journey, I’m going to give you a recap.

Day 1.  First Razorback Football game of the season.  Somehow I stayed away from the awesome tailgate treats. 

Day 2.  Woke up to my mom’s cinnamon rolls.  They winked at me.  Evil, flirty rolls. 

Day 3.  Reality set in.

Day 4.  My first day at my new job.  They refilled the candy box behind me.  Now, I sit less than a foot from my favorite candy bars… for EIGHT HOURS A DAY.

Day 5.  Went to Barnes and Noble after work, found myself in the cookbook section.  I petted a picture of a chocolate cake. 

Then, met friends for Mexican. Didn’t have a margarita, and had to explain that I’m not pregnant. Just into self-torture.

Day 6.  Six people reached into the candy box at work.  One got a Crunch.  One got Pretzel M&M’s.  Two got Hundred Grands.  Two got Milky Way Caramels. 

Day 7.  Went to my friend Karoline’s birthday party.  Turned down Razorback Cupcakes.  Blasphemy.  If we lose our football game this weekend.  I’ll take the blame.  (Happy Birthday Karoline!!!)

So far, this challenge is making me crazy.  And now, because I’m staring at my new coworkers while they eat, I might be am the weird, new girl.  Ugh.

The only thing getting me through– Jared.  If he wasn’t doing it with me, I’d be camped out in a Sonic parking lot covered in shakes. 

This picture caught Rick in a moment of pure happiness.  What I will look like when September is over!  Except my mouth will be full of SUGAR!!!

Have you done any challenges lately? Any tips on making it through?

5 Ways to Get Your Way in a Relationship: My New-ish Kitchen

Let’s be honest.  Convincing your partner to do something…takes persuasion.  Remember the persuasive speech you gave in communications class? Same thing! Just over and over again.

We moved into our house over a year ago (we call it the “cat house”… post on this later, maybe).  I knew I wanted changes.  Fast.  Here was our lovely vintage kitchen. 

Complete with harvest gold appliances…

…floral wallpaper and paneling…

…and brown and yellow plastic tile…

We made a lot of changes when we moved in.  But the kitchen still needed work.  Here’s how I convinced my husband to finish the project.

1.  Bring it up during your partner’s prime time.  My husband is a morning person.  I’m a night time mover and shaker.   My husband is usually open to new ideas… unless you start talking about something after 8:00p.m., then he gets grumpy, skeptical, and falls asleep in the middle of my brilliant persuasive speech. 

So I try and talk about things when he’s in a good mood… and awake…

2.  Back up the conversation.  I have tons of conversations in my head.  A couple months ago, after having an entire fight in my head, I realized I wasn’t talking to my husband until the fight already exploded.

To get the kitchen of my dreams, I backed up…and explained my reasoning.  I said, “we’ve waited over a year to finish it, we saved the money, we have the time, we’re not going to have the time ever again, and it will help sell our house!”

Usually, I would have just started the conversation, “I want new counter tops,” but, if I back up and have support for my idea, he’s more likely to agree.  Also, figuring out my reasoning helps weed out “the crazies” (I have a lot of crazy ideas.  Once, I wanted to start a glove business and call them “g-loves” until I found out that is a name for condoms).

3.  Give him something he wants.  If I get my way then I usually try and go easy on my husband.  Like not complaining about the MILLIONS of hunting trips he takes.

Disclaimer: I won’t put a deer head in my kitchen– no matter how good it looks!

4.  Sneak around.  My husband hates it when I can’t make a decision.  So, I picked out the tile and counter tops before we went to buy them.  This way I could take my time and avoid a fight about decision making delays (Lowe’s makes me slows).  The shopping trip was fast and painless … until we paid for the stuff! 

5.  Start early.  I worked on getting my new kitchen counters for a year and a half.  I brought it up at least once a month.  When we got closer to go time, I brought it up weekly.  By saying things like,  “I’m going to make you awesome dinners in our pretty new kitchen,” he got more on board (I’m not above stretching the truth!).

After using all these tactics, my hard work paid off…

Here’s the pictures! It’s not a new kitchen, and it’s still small.  But, anything is better than what it was!

What have you talked your partner into lately?  How?