Our Wedding Photo Booth/ Did We Really Do This?

In honor of our two-year anniversary here’s the video from our wedding photo booth.  It’s hilarious!  It’s perfect for A-Hope-We-Don’t-Get-Hit-By-Hurricane-Isaac-Pick-Me-Up!

Thanks to Carol Clark for all her hard work on this video!

Hit the button in the bottom, right-hand corner to make the video full screen.  Have a great weekend!  Thanks for giving us these memories we WILL keep forever (for blackmail purposes)!

Cutie Pie Chevron Nightstand

I’ve been trying to show you my new kitchen; but, alas, the last part is STILL not here.  Which kills me.  Immediately after I start a renovation I obsess about it being over.  So the fact that we’re still waiting on this part– that was supposed to be here a week ago– is going to make me throw myself on the ground.  Like Pink when we muzzled him. 

To take my mind off the wait, I made a chevron nighstand for my guest room!

Here’s what the nightstand looked like originally.

I spray painted it white, drew a grid, taped, and painted. 

Then I pulled the tape off.  Here’s a better shot of the grid I mentioned. 

Then I repeated the process on the front drawer.

Next–the worst step.  I touched up all the paint by hand.  Some of the paint was pulled off by the tape.  Also, I had to repaint where I drew the grid lines, because I couldn’t erase them completely.

Finally, I spray painted a clearcoat over everything….and I was done! 

Here it is!

It’s not perfect– at all– but if you don’t get too close, it looks pretty good! Also, it wasn’t expensive.  We already had the nighstand and tape so all I bought was the paint. 
Guess what?!?!?!?! the appliance store… just called… (Do they read my blog?  haha.).  Hopefully I can show you the kitchen soon.

Stuff Armageddon!!!

I’m switching jobs.  Here’s a picture from my last day at the TV station I worked for.  I wanted my final day picture to be at the my desk– where all the magic happens–with my amazing producer friends.  I’m on the right!  I’m really going to miss everyone I worked with.  We had a great time!

But, I’m really excited about my next job, I’m working at a local community college.  I don’t know much about it yet, because I don’t start until September 4th. 

Which means.  I’m off for three weeks.  This is the longest vacation I’ve gotten in years!  And probably the last one I’ll get foooorrrreeeevvvvveeerrrrrr. 

So what have I been up to? Besides putting muzzles on Pink and Rick? Stuff Armageddon!

Making stuff…from an idea in my head.  Yes, I realize this looks like prison artwork– but it’s not done yet! 

Cleaning and organizing stuff throughout our whole house!  I think we’re hoarders. TLC, wanna do a show?

Finding these two thumb wrestlers–in the stuff.

Deciding to keep the thumb wrestlers–from the trash stuff.

Annnnddddd….new stuff!  We’re putting new counter tops and a tile backsplash in our Kitchen!  Our DIY Renovation isn’t done yet.  So I’ll just show you the sign I used to welcome our parents to the festivities/trick them into working!

Wait, you came here for cute dog pics?  Well, I’ve got some of those too!!!

Rick says, “feed me!!! Just drop that treat in my mouth.  I won’t even chew it!”

Pinky smiles.

Waiting for some more food (they think my phone is a treat)

Here’s some more outtakes from Moger Family Float Trip.  Rick–getting in the middle of a serious talk between my parents. 

Two worn out pups.  They played until they fell over…in front of the door. 

I can’t wait to show you the kitchen!!!! Tentatively, Wednesday.  I’ll try and keep my deadline, just for you Courtney Dixon!!!

If you don’t shut up… the neighbors will poison you.

Today, I told the dogs: If you don’t shut up… the neighbors will poison you.

Rick: What do you mean?

Pink:  She means, we should stop barking all night. 

Rick:  I can’t stop eating.  Is she asking us to stop eating the food? 

Pink:  No, she’s asking us to stop barking all night. 

Rick:  Not possible.  There are too many shadows to bark at. Also, last night, we thought Scooby-Doo was driving by with Shaggy and the Mystery Machine–that was an automatic hour bark session.  I can’t make promises that won’t happen again tonight. 

… Will she let us know when the food is poisoned?  I’ll pick around it… unless it’s tasty.  Like the time I ate poison a couple months ago. 


This is the conversation I imagine the dogs had after last night’s Bark-A-Thon.  I honestly thought Jerry Lewis was in our backyard– getting a dollar for MD every time the dogs barked.

Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny got out of bed at least every hour to try and get them to shut up. 

This isn’t the first time they have howled at night.  During Moger Float Trip my aunt said she wanted to shoot them because they wouldn’t shut up.

Anyway.  Back to last night… it was terrible.  Now, our neighbors won’t even wave at us.  I was in the back yard and I smiled and waved.  They looked away–probably continued to plan how to kill Pink and Rick.

For their safety and our sanity.  We came up with an awesome plan.  MUZZLES!!! 

Check out Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny looking forward to sleep!!!

Pink is not happy.  He threw himself on the ground. 

Pink still not happy.


Rick is confused. 

We’re not making them wear anything I haven’t tried! 

I hope tonight goes well and the dogs get to live for a few more days–until I get mad and poison them.  Wish us luck!  And wish us some good sleep!!!

We’re On a Farm, Yeah! We’re Eating Stuff, Yeah!

We took the dogs to my Aunt Sue’s farm last weekend– for the annual Moger Family Float Trip.  Her farm is beautiful, and I knew the dogs would LOVE it.  Here are some crazy pics I snapped.

Pink and Rick wrote the captions.   Crazy dogs.  

Rick: “This charcoal was delicious.  We, literally, had fires in our bellies.”

Rick: “Maybe this pond will stop the burning!”
Rick: “Meet our lady friends!  We’re sexy and we know it!”
Pink: “No, we’re furry and we know it!”
Rick: “Bros before hos!”
Pink:  “Why is Bob 3 making me look like a bat dog?”

Pink: “This big red beast made for good chasing material!  We almost caught it!”
Rick: “Bubbles!!! I wish these were made of meat juice.  Meat Bubbles!!!”

Pink: “Hey gurl, what’s your name? My name is Pink but I’m a boy!!! I got what you need!”
 Pink: “Mr. We’ve had Them Since They Were Tiny… Dog blocking.  If he didn’t feed me, I’d bite his face off right now!  *cough* Bath Salts.”

Pink: “Now he wants to take a picture with me? Rude.”
Rick: “Has anyone put the meat juice in the bubbles yet?”
More to come on Tuesday.  Including why my aunt said “… if I only had a shotgun.”