Monthly Archives: May 2012

Rick. Eats. Poison.

Rick poisoned himself.  I don’t feel bad for him, because he did it to himself.  It started yesterday when the dogs went to work with Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny (my husband).  He let them walk rice fields.

After they got done walking, Mr. We’ve Had Them Since They Were Tiny felt bad for them.  So, he let them ride in the back of the truck on the way home– out of their pens.  We let them do this all the time. Usually they act okay, but this time instead of hanging his head out of the truck, Rick ate chemicals.

He started foaming at the mouth and looking high.  His eyes glazed over like he just did a line of something.  One sick puppy.  Even though I don’t want these dogs, and this may have been my chance to get rid of Rick– we called several vets.  They wouldn’t take poor Rick. Even the walk-in clinic was too busy. So we just waited.

A couple hours later, he bounced back…just a little loopier.  Now, he’s fine.

Through this poisoning, I discovered one thing.  When Rick was sick, I was really sad.  Which means, this blog must be working.  I must have started liking these two pups a little.  Or, maybe reality is setting in, and I realized it’s going to take a lot more than poisoning to get rid of them.

Are Pink and Rick Too Cool for School?

Pink and Rick want to say, “Happy Memorial Day!” They hope you can find a water hole somewhere to stay cool. Somehow they convinced Ms. Angie (mom-in-law and awesome dog sitter) to let them in this pool.

 We’re staying with some friends in Baton Rouge this weekend. They have a black lab named Kane. Kane is a school dog.  He went to school, and now he is a champion trained dog (I’m not sure what that means, but he’s a big deal).  He sits, lays down, obeys and acts better than I do.

Mr. We’ve Raised Them Since They Were Tiny (my husband) and I started to think…maybe we should send Pink and Rick to school. Then, they could be good dogs like Kane. Then, maybe they could stay with us. Unfortunately, school costs a bunch of money, and you have to be strict with them afterward so they  stay trained.

It would be way cheaper to give them away. Hmmm. Decisions. Maybe they could get scholarships to school?!? Maybe there is a program that takes bad dogs and gives them free school? Must google this. Any ideas? Should Rick and Pink go to school?

We Ate a Tree

I mentioned on Wednesday these crazy beasts ate a tree.  I know that sounds crazy.  So, I’m going to give you proof.  I’m not sure what kind of tree they ate.  But it used to be a six foot tall, flowering tree.  I think it had white or purple flowers. It was really cute. It never hurt anyone.  Now it’s gone… sort of.

I can’t believe this tree–now bush– has any leaves on it at all.  Because after they ate it, it was just three wooden spikes coming from the ground.  But, I’m pretty sure it won’t last long.

The dogs already have their eyes on it again… literally.  See Pink’s eye in the bottom the picture above?  Yes, he’s saying, “we’re going to let this tree get a little bigger, then we’re going to show it who’s boss again.”

Rick, is sending a stronger message about this tree/bush’s future.

Yep.  See that?!?! This dog is licking his lips in front of the tree/bush.  His eyes even look evil!  Bad Rick!  So, take a few minutes to admire the leafy tree/bush in our back yard.  It won’t be here for long.

Until next time.  When hopefully, I’ll tell you how the dogs are eating our house.  I just saw a brick in the yard.  I just need to find where it’s coming from.

Welcome…to insanity

I’m blogging about these dogs because I want to give them away.  I want to get rid of them.  I want to wave goodbye as they drive away… forever.  My husband (Mr. We’ve Raised Them Since They Were Tiny),  doesn’t.  Hopefully this blog will help me want to keep these crazy beasts.

As of now.  They’ve completely wrecked our yard.  They’ve dug holes.  They’ve torn up the fence.  They’ve eaten trees.  Whole trees.

Here’s pictures of the beasties.

Rick.  He loves a photo shoot.

Pink.  He took a few pictures.  Then he was over it. Or maybe he wants you to see his profile?

Notice what’s between his paws.  Yes, that’s part of a tarp he is eating.  I promise we feed these dogs!  But they seem to have a taste for plastic… and of course trees.

Ugh. Rick just stood at my bedroom window and barked at me.  I guess he’s ready to be fed/played with.  Demanding dogs.